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The next morning in an unusual way my eyes popped out early and I felt important for the tasks entrusted to me and tried to meet my hosts I got dressed and went out to take care of the animals Pista asked me to take Juli and I to the border in a tractor this morning I didn't really know where the line was but Juli told me she knew where to go We pulled ourselves together Böbe warned us of discipline asked us not to linger long and then he sent us away On the road as we were moving away from the farm Juli gently pressed my arm against me I felt the firmness of her breast and as we fluttered with the tractor I felt this feeling I thought something might happen during the hay-picking But unfortunately I was sad to hear about it and we're going back in a way that would have blown off even an innocent kiss I didn't really understand it something might have happened but I didn't ask any questions so Böbe asked us to come home anyway On the way home Juli was still holding on to me so I could still see hope that there was nothing wrong that she was just obedient to her mother and didn't want to linger I packed the Hay at home and then I fell on the pile stretching out and resting
-Master would you like to put something delicious in your belly? "said Böbe with a smile who snuck by me so softly I did not notice" Looking at her she noticed two bulging nipples sticking out of her tight blouse
- Then of course you can continue to enjoy the rest you deserve in the cool room - he said it funny
 Well I certainly have a stomachache and I'm tempted to take a break "I jumped right behind him who had already turned and started before me shaking his round round buttocks with a callous shake" I felt almost compelled to touch him stroke him and drag him back into the haystack but he was going so fast I couldn't catch him
He's made as many delicious curd dumplings as we could eat for days and it won't run out I had a much better appetite than I had at home I told him how delicious it was and I told him my mom could come and take cooking lessons That's when we started talking about my life back home He asked me about everything school friends Juli was strangely silent the whole time but under the table she gently caressed the inner part of my thigh with her foot which of course resulted in an erection that had already hurt and sometimes I had to squirm with it in my pants The drops of sweat appeared on my forehead seeing this Böbe suggested a cool room He began to clear the table and when he left with his first load of dishes in the direction of the kitchen I quickly rose up and turned out of the room so that he could not see my excitement And Juli was just smiling at me and she realized that her handiwork wasn't in vain In the room I lay on the bed with my pants down and I longed for one of you to come in It was as if the elders had taken pity on me Juli curled up to my bed like a purring kitten and then she hid beside me and whispered in my ear that she had seen the Bulge and wished to see it without pants I asked him what would happen if his mother surprised us but he told me not to worry about it now just to get rid of my dress He didn't have to say it againI had to pull my underwear off and lay down next to him He turned to the side and without doing anything he grabbed me by the handful and he pulled his hands on it with pleasure and then he slipped it to my testicles and began to crumble my balls Then he pressed them harder almost painfully and questioned them in a naughty manner raising one of his eyebrows:
- You're just fucking my mom without telling me I'm not enough for you? - without even letting a twist on it to get an answer out of me first I couldn't spit or swallow part of the question asked-I didn't think you knew about it - and part of it from captivity I had a hard time squeezing it between my teeth :
- Your mom surprised me yesterday I didn't mess with her but since she's as desirable as you I couldn't resist It seemed that I had given him the right answer for he had yielded to the grip and even gently caressed me
 Well if she surprised you it's different and now I want you to close your eyes don't open them until I tell you to Or I'll squeeze you harder stud - he gave the order and I like a humble servant clung my eyes together waiting for what was to come He began to kiss my neck my face breathing in my ear shuddering through me and whispered in his ear " you will have an experience you will never forget" The way he said that I felt hot on my manhood just like when they were sucking on me It was very sensual and I could feel it circling under my ACORN with its tongue Meanwhile he moved his hand with his mouth milked my dick
But how is that possible? - I asked myself the question because it's breathing in my ear


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