nudist party in the midwest

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Christmas always gives us a chance to party inside a good company This is traditionally done with the invitation of our biggest clients In this case the company's employees celebrate together with the partners which is what we get as a gift Organizing these parties has been my business for years I'm always trying to do something new or programs or performing with the venue Of course the planning starts at the end of October we send out the invitations I organize the food and drink the contributors As the day of the event approaches I am more nervous at home and at work The Nutcracker's the big day of course It wasn't any different last year
The Christmas party was up at the Castle I've been working with the same team we know each other we're like buddies But you have to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible The food the decor the show of course All of this requires hostees These girls are usually college students college students who supplement their income with this kind of work All they have to do is make them beautiful escort the guests smile "lift the light of the evening" When the team arrived it turned out that perhaps thanks to the Christmas event two new girls had arrived I didn't know them so I talked to them separately They were intelligent nursed and very smiling and I felt like they were gonna be okay
The first guests have arrived I was at the height of my party but then I calmed down Everything was fine the candles were burning the food was delicious the music was playing The cocktail bar was on so the mood kept rising After dinner we danced usually with our clients and we work with each other
I noticed that one of the new stars looks at me several times and when I look back at her she always smiles I thought you know I'm the client so you want me to be satisfied On the second or third smile change I went to her took her dancing It was like we've been ringing together for the last time He reacted perfectly to my moves letting me drive him When a slower song came we moved almost naturally together to the music Looking at her she was a pretty girl Blonde hair green-grey eyes Tall thin body I'd say 23 to 24 years old I could smell a fine perfume as we danced My palms are a little sweaty because I really liked her Of course it's not healthy to mess with someone you're only working with especially if I'm the one who pays you directly But I felt very comfortable After the dance I asked her out for a drink He said he couldn't drink alcohol because he was working but then I convinced him I made him a cocktail at the bar The bartender my old buddy winked when he gave me the non-alcoholic miracle We sat down in a bit of a secluded corner started talking
It turns out Krista's in financial college and playing host is just an accessory after the fact and this is the first time The way he talked the way he laughed at my jokes the way he listened to what I said I liked it more and more There was something about him that gave me the creeps and I felt more and more like he was having fun with me I watched him hold the glass drink his cocktail There was something erotic about the way he put the straw in his mouth I told him that and he blushed I was shocked I didn't think a girl in her twenties would react this way I didn't even press the subject I felt it was a delicate subject As time went by the guests started to wander home and the usual hard core was left and they started drinking more seriously This team does it from party to party They drink until the party service clears up Since they're my colleagues I've arranged for them to have a couple of bottles but we'll start packing I thanked the leader of the hosts for the job I let the girls go The girls went to change I had something to do with the caterers when I got back they were gone I felt sorry for him because I couldn't say goodbye to Christ which made the evening seem so incomplete
I talked to my colleagues for a few more minutes and then I said good-bye As I was walking towards my car I saw Kristi in the parking lot He was already wearing "civilian" jeans high-heeled boots leather jacket As I got closer I saw that his nose was red from the cold I spoke to him:
- What About You? I didn't even get to say goodbye to you you were gone
"I'm sorry" he said " I didn't know what the custom was
"It's all right" I replied " You'll get the hang of it" Are you expecting someone?
- I called a cab but he hasn't come yet I'm freezing blue
- Where are you going? "I'll give you a ride" said I gallantly because I didn't want to leave you in the night


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