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Well once again I've missed the rest of the diary and I've managed to capture once again an unusual erotic experience A week ago the Big Boss sent me home unexpectedly because like he said last year I still have a few days off and now it's not so much work so I should take a week off Well I thought so and I was on my way home In the parking lot of one of the hypermarket I noticed a pretty woman in her 30s who was furious at hitting the roof of her car And then she saw me and she waved violently Who could this be I thought and I turned into the parking lot It was my perverted cousin the branch Good to see you Petey I locked the key in the car can you take me home for my spare key? Well we never got along but he's a relative All right He was wearing a white windbreaker to the bottom of his butt that young girls wear and his pants were gray fabric pants Her hair was up to her shoulders and her hair was torn in her natural brown hair
I said How are you? Not so good the Gábor's all over he's already been seduced by the Editke that fat-ass little cow from his school The blonde with a degree from less than two years ago teaches Hungarian and she's always had an itch for Gábor I saw that I once told him that young teachers sometimes sleep with senior students And she said she liked older guys Now you've got it you've already moved into a panel rental And the Feri I asked Your wife just got out of the neurology clinic and she's taking a break with me In the meantime we got to the house and the branch got out with the groceries I'll help you get them inside I told you We're on our way to the House They also live in a house with a garden in a suburb of the big city All of a sudden he dropped a few things and bent down for them The jacket slid up from his butt and flashed out at the bottom of his fabric pants a pretty good ass for a 36-year-old I got a hard-on right away He picked things up didn't show that he'd seen his ass show up but he did We went into the house we unloaded Wait let me show you something He brought up a photograph This was taken after the school's Christmas party last year There's a cow standing next to Gábor Indeed next to her husband a woman with a full-bodied but pretty face and a large-breasted blondness smiled wide in the picture Which one of us do you think is the better woman? "'Twas Ági Well the Editke was a pretty good play too but you always bring out the woman asking questions Well you are
And all of a sudden he's all over me his pussy pressed against my dick I saw you out there just now trying to fuck me push me down panting I almost did but suddenly I got a bad feeling and I pushed him away That's why you want it true to tell the family No you didn'tI just have a fucking problem No one's been inside me for weeks Oh yeah I told you you're still enjoying a smooth fuck? Of course for me it's just like warm broth but now I'm really hungry He took his coat off He was wearing a blue sweater underneath and he was pulling it down through his head He was wearing a T-shirt and I couldn't ignore the T-shirt and the Prancing nipples through the bra underneath I got wet when I saw you staring at my ass "Come on fuck me" he said with pleasure As you can imagine I was beginning to lose control of myself I can't I was babbling you'd tell me Don't you ever dream about me? Well it was your cunt I saw for the first time when you were 15 I admit it That's when I saw the pants were soaking wet with her pussyI couldn't take it anymore I threw myself at her We started to kiss wildly and then he dragged my jacket and sweater off me We've fallen to earth we've been craving each other like crazy
I yanked his pants and panties off while he pulled my jeans off I dropped my ankle-deep jeans fast and then I cut my pants By this time she had already disposed of her shoes and her things up to her ankles She opened her shapely thighs wide and the wavy pussy of a man swimming in her wetness glistened in a calming glow I hit him between the thighs and my dick went right into his hot wet pussy()


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