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This summer I had the biggest sexual experience of my life and that was when I didn't really expect it If this story hadn't happened to me I wouldn't really believe it happened at all
If you're familiar with the western part of our little country I'm sure you know what the word "red"means That is what they call a peace train that travels at short distances and is characterized by the fact that it is not possible to go from one car to another unless you get off it Oh and of course they're red
I was traveling in this kind of train on my way home I dozed off and when I woke up the train was at the second-to-last station and I was the only one on the train There were two cars but the other car was empty I looked around to see if I was really alone  Then the train set off and I probably having some kind of erotic dream noticed that I had a terrible hard - on I considered the situation: there is no one in the car it is a 20-minute drive to the final destination until then we only go through forestsit's a crazy idea but I took out my steely member closed my eyes and started masturbating
It hasn't even been 30 seconds before the door opens and at a crazy pace I try to hide the telltale signs but it's too late I'm busted
About 20 - year - old girl standing frozen at the door-I'm sitting with a red head-and then she wakes up first
"Hi" he says as if he had found himself in the most natural position in the world and sat down in the box next to me
- SI'm not quite myself yet
- When?when did you get on? - I ask
 At the station just until the train started I was at the door and he was smiling
I'm starting to feel a little relieved maybe we can have a normal conversation and forget about that
But when I got a closer look at the girl I noticed she was dressed insanely sexy: straight and a matching "barely" top Those damn hormones are working again
And then he asked me something that surprised me:
- Do you like sex?
Wow It's turning red again and I thought we weren't gonna talk about that
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you" he said " but could you pick up what you were doing so quickly?" And he just smiled with that sweet smile
Suddenly I didn't know what to say And then I said " Are you serious?"
"Yes I would very much like to see it" he replied in an accomplice
I was a little afraid but I took out my pants again and I gently began to pull the skin on them She watched him with a more serious face and then something happened that I had never dreamed of: he began to pet himself She started with her breasts just through her clothes and a minute later her fingers were all over her body At that point I was uncomfortable with the jeans and I pushed down to my knees and I didn't really care if someone and Bela were working in the fields we passed
Then he took off his top Her breasts were perfect through her bra I had to slow down because I felt like I was coming right away In 30 seconds there's no bra I'm going crazyis this some kind of miracle or something?
His hand moves towards the line and disappears inside He starts masturbating at some crazy pace and he moans wildly erotic to her I can't stand it I'm gonna get up and head for it
- Wait not yet please just keep going  I'm going back to my seat but I feel like I don't need much more orgasms I'm almost holding it because if I move my hand on it I'm gonna come
It's getting better I'm thinking about something else so I'm not leaving early
I notice she's not wearing any underwear under her shortsthis is crazy
"Come sit beside me" he said with a little wheezing and I am running
He takes my hand puts it in his pussy which is getting awfully wet Now it's my turn to keep my cool I'm going to continue with what he started First I'll just agitate the clitoris then gently slide one of my fingers in He's really enjoying it I'll take the other one


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