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Recently I was invited to a house party on Lake Balaton by my former schoolmates which was also meant to be a reunion Unfortunately not many of them came but rather the usual old friends as they have become the usual The proportion of the Sexes was approximately the same so the mood was mostly pleasantly relaxed neither of the parties ' overweight was poisoning the air Those present were old friends and pretty much everyone knew all about each other's troubles just about his emerging or breaking romances The already open and outspoken society around midnight began to notice one of our sexual problems which had heated up the morale We soon came up with - to soothe our senses-a night swim which in the end was less exhilarating and relaxing for me than I had initially hoped
While the others were moving funny smoke rings around I went into the water to play ball with Gábor and Thomas At least that was the original concept This plan went wrong when Gabor probably not by accident in his fierce struggle for the ball broke my bra strap and one of my breasts suddenly appeared in front of them O0 noticed it sooner than I had time to cover it up so suddenly I realized that although I had won in the fight for the ball I could soon be under something I felt Gábor's hot breath on my neck while his fingers caressed my half-naked bosom as if at random Since we were good friends all we needed was physical contact I was surprised to look into his begging eyes To tell you the truth I enjoyed the sensual move you made earlier
I turned my back on him to fix the straps of my bra and he just held me from behind and then he held me really tight and he pulled the bra off me with both hands In the middle of the operation he pressed me for his manhood which started making me hormonal too I could see from the corner of my eye that Thomas had turned away in the midst of the storm between us For a moment I tried to think contemplate escape plans but then the rest of my sobriety was gone My dear was stirring my nipples with his nimble fingers and biting my earlobe while he was murmuring with calmness Somehow we wandered out to a shallow beach where we discovered the other body in the midst of thirsty kisses nimbly and prospectively We soon got rid of the swimsuits and I fell in his arms with all my heart trembling with desire to be taken by this great guy
He kissed my breasts and then his hot tongue through my belly led me to my lap and I felt a great pleasure when I felt the warmth of his breath on my clitoris I wrapped my legs around his neck slowly and my body began to dance instinctively under him He tried me with his tongue and then sensing my excitement he exclaimed with more and more violent movements His hand was not idle and one of his fingers slowly fell into my vagina and with rapid movement stirred my passions more and more I've longed to feel his vigorous virility inside me I drew him up to me looked him in the eyes and turned him on his back with great effort and I was almost over him when we heard the cries of the others as they looked for us I laid my head on his chest to make our silhouettes completely disappear and for a few brief seconds I listened to the loud and excited pounding of his heart
Slowly I crawled down his body discovering his curves and curves playing with his cute little nipple which I was very happy to hear from him with his squirming and repressed moaning Soon I went down stopping at his belly button and then mapping the inner side of his thigh with my nimble tongue when he drew my head closer with a loud sigh to his most sensitive point which I finally possessed with burning curiosity and a smile There's nothing hotter than putting a man in a woman's mouth where he's the hottest and toughest()


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