My friend controls me in public! watch me struggle to not get catched

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A few years ago I was working as a damage expert when I got an interesting assignment Lightning struck a smart house which was a whole new thing in Hungary I visited the place where the host welcomed me
- Good afternoon sir I've come from the insurance company to review the damage caused by the lightning strike
- Hi - hi - Hello your host - Why don't you come inside and see what this bloody bolt of lightning has done?
We went deeper into the apartment and I was amazed at the rich but very tasteful equipment It was typical of every housewife who knew interior decor not skimming when it came to buying something but also with an adequate sense of beauty Harmonizing furniture matching home textiles modern cozy pictures on the walls You could see the wealth but most of all the people here have good taste
- Come this way sirthere's electronics in the closet that controls everything in the House It moves the blinds curtains controls the heating or if necessary the cooling according to the ambient and indoor temperatures It also switches the lights on sensing what room we're in
- So you don't live alone in the House
- Of course not I live with my wife The furnishings of the House praise his taste She's not home right nowshe's at her parents ' house He'll be home by nightfall - said the victim
- Okay fine Let's see what we got here - I answered
I went through the system and all I found was a tiny glitch in the power supply to the control unit I took out the necessary component replaced it and the system came back to life
- Was that the only mistake? The person who reviewed it has proposed to replace the entire system You said We had to replace the control electronics sensors command-carrying devices - said the host - Come on I'll get you something What would you like? Cognac whiskey Unicum or something?
- I'll have a good scotch on the rocks
- Sit down sit down Charging
I got my drink the host poured it for you We had a drink It was nice and cool but it also tickled my throat It felt really good In the living room where we sat there was a piano on top of which I spotted a woman's picture She was a very attractive short brown-haired lady in the picture He looked somewhere in the distance with his eyes shining She was wearing a very elegant dress Under her short skirt I saw beautiful legs with long legs Her chest was adorned with fine convex breasts The top part of the dress was a little translucent and the well-tailored bra only improved the elegant sexy woman's appearance
- I see you've noticed my wife's picture
- Yeah - yeah She's gorgeous For the record I'm a little jealous - I said it laughing
- I guess we have the same taste - he laughed back
- You're probably right- I answered
- Can I get you another drink?
- Thank you I accept
- Well then God God - Cheers - cheers
- Cheers - cheers  tell me how much damage did the previous expert find?
- 12 million
- How much would you like to receive?
- Something like that
- It won't be easy to handle especially with just a simple power supply failure…
 I know I understand but there's still something I want to show you I'll just get my laptop
A minute later he sat next to me and turned on the machine While it was going on he filled the glasses The screen is bright the icons are displayed He clicked on one of them with the inscription "secrets"
- Look at these - he told me
I had a drink stuck in my throat I saw pictures of the lady in the photo Oh yeah He clicked on the first little picture and the screen was filled with the lady's enchantment A pair of French lace panties was all her clothes She smiled sweetly stretched her shoulders a little back so her mesmerizing breasts stretched out her nipples looked almost toward the sky You could see they'd scratch the diamond they're so hard I saw a nice tight belly between the breasts and the panties It was obvious that the master kept his body in shape with regular exercise The fabric of the little lace miracle was a little transparent and there was a thin line of fur above the shapely closed-mouthed pussy His legs look like a sculptor My mouth was wide open from astonishment The picture on the piano promised a lot of beauty but this picture was beyond imagination
- What do you think? - the host asked me
- She's wonderful So after the third glass I couldn't resist Not sober of course - I said it laughing
- Let's see the rest
The pictures came in line the size of the panties dropped one more visible from the excitable genitalia I started to feel a hard-on in my pants I saw a picture of a naked woman with slightly spread thighs Her pussy was world champion Her lips were opening()


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