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In the spring we discussed a partnership with an American Enterprise I don't want to bore you but the point was that in Hungary we distribute their products exclusively I went to get the contract signed in Florida because my boss decided to take a longer leave of absence due to the first of May "Our partner's leader was a woman so you'll have fun with each other" he said
Lisa was a typical American beauty: tall strong long bleached hair and at least two pounds of silicone in her breasts Because he lived alone he invited me to his place Her maid answered the door looked like she'd come out of a comedy or a sex movie She was wearing the usual dress but everything was too short too tight I've heard many times that Americans have no taste but I didn't think it could be so obvious After I got settled we sat on the porch and talked Lisa was eating me with her eyes stroking my thighs with one hand under the table and filling my glass with wine with the other Meanwhile we're talking about expected profits I've had it with men before Meanwhile the maid arrived with another bottle He filled it up and then he stood behind me and he started stroking my hair back of my neck and shoulders You did it so delicately I let myself go He was about my age at least a decade younger than his master of course That's when Lisa leaned over to me and I kissed her She returned the favor and while her maid had taken my breasts out of my clothes our tongues danced in each other's mouths He pushed the table aside to make me a better husband and I probably because of the drink completely lost my head pulled down my dress and all I had left was my little silver thong He spread his legs and shouted at me:
- Kiss my ass bitch I didn't notice your changed tone I got down on my knees and licked it and of course it was shaved bare much bigger and wider than mine and it smelled like a intoxicating feminine scent The maid took off her clothes and held me tight While he was kissing the back of my neck he was crushing my nipples with one hand and the other one was reaching into my thong and he was rubbing my pussy I had a great time That's why what came next was horrible and disappointing He suddenly let out his bladder and peed on me I tried to get up but her maid held me tight I managed to close my eyes but the warm urine still ran through my face my body It didn't take 30 seconds
- I liked that bitch - he told me
"Not at all" I replied But he went on as if he hadn't heard me
- Now you can kiss my wet pussy I know you like it but you don't want it so soon going home empty-handed
They laid me on the floor and sat on my mouth and her maid put on a dildo and started fucking me The problem was after all my body didn't think it was as disgusting as my mind I enjoyed the flicker of my pussy from the shots of the maid the way Lisa's desirable pussy fell on my face Slowly I started thinking about things like how healthy pee is how some people drink it and stuff After her I don't know how many orgasms Lisa and the maid got up and they got me up on the chair and I felt weird and my back hurt - Unlike sex movies it's not very nice to fuck on bare marble I spread my legs and the maid kept stroking my pussy so confused I couldn't figure out what she wanted until it was too late I let myself go and I started peeing He obviously enjoyed it more even opened his mouth Then he stood up and kissed me My number is filled with his saliva mixed with my pee It sounds silly to describe it but it was as disgusting as it was hot
After getting my act together the maid by the way her name was Betty took me up to her room That's right in her room because they decided not to leave me alone for a minute()


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