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A few months after Lia's death I found myself in the vicinity of Western Railway Station where a colleague's sister and I rented a one-bedroom apartment but there was nothing between us and we lived together for financial reasons I mean sure they did the jokes in the buddy system but the thing is she used to look like what they used to call an GDR athlete So he was definitely not my type and neither was I It was like living with a guy But one Saturday his girlfriend came by
They figured out a way to get together Since I didn't have anything else to do I went with them We parked in a pub near the West and Ildi (the girl I used to live with) asked if it would be okay if her girlfriend stayed over because she had a fight with her dad and she didn't want to go home It was weird for me that a 23-year-old girl was so afraid of her father but Ildi told me while she was in the bathroom that since she was a kid they were going to be very strict with the poor girl and now she's trying to shake off the parental yoke but it's not going to go smoothly We agreed that if he was comfortable on the couch he could stay with us The room was decorated when we moved in that we split it in half with a row of closets so we both had a corner of privacy and the wall at the end of the closet row had a "living room" A couch with a little table
Somehow neither one of us wanted to drink alcohol so we went back full-blown We had dinner and all the while we were making jokes and laughing Elvish helped me with the dishes and Ildi went to the bathroom saying she had to get up early the next day After washing dishes Fae thanked me for agreeing to stay with us and as a thank-you hugged me and gave me a kiss She definitely had a nice touch and I'm not really into girls with short boyish hair But it looked good on him Like how sexy her two little pointy breasts almost pierced the fabric of her T-shirt and her little round T-shirt
After Ildi Elvish marched into the bathroom and by the time I was done Ildi was asleep so she and I had a whisper conversation and Elvish was lying on the couch and I was sitting on the edge
"Lie next to me if you will be more comfortable" he said and I did not know whether this was a call for a waltz or a simple invitation
I lay down and he told me what Ildi had told me Her father's an idiot she doesn't want to let her go anywhere even though she's 23 and her mother's a blinded religious woman and she's not helping her so she decided to end up rebelling a little late but that's the way it is He's been sleeping over at his girlfriend's house for a week He told me a lot of stuff about his dad's bullshit and suddenly I could feel his voice crying
 I gave him a hug - You're not gonna cry over your stupid dad?
He put his head against my neck and whispered quietly for a few minutes - I held him in my arms - and then he wiped his eyes thanked me for listening
- Really thank you That's what I needed
- You're welcome Sleep tight "If you want to cry I'll be in my bed" I said half funny and went to the toilet
I stumbled back to my bed in the dark so I wouldn't disturb Ildi and I was quite surprised when I found out there was someone in it
- What about you? - I did - You want to cry again?
"No" he whispered - But can't I sleep with you? I don't know how this works because I've never had a boyfriend before but I want you to hold me again I think I want your touch
I got under the covers and I thought " Oh my god there's a 23-year-old virgin in my bed" I didn't know what to do so I put my arm around her shoulder and her back and then I slipped my hand on her butt and asked her:
- Is that okay with you?
- Yeah - yeah That's very good
- And this?  I asked her and I grabbed her tits and I put my hand on her
- So is this That's very good I've had a few guys feel me up but the way you do it it's really good Do I detect a turn-on?
He was right It would have been hard to hide it when my standing dick pressed against his stomach
- You want me to hold it? - he asked and there was so much innocence and inexperience in his voice it turned me on even more
- Here Hold it tight it won't hurt
- Can you help me with this?
"Sure" I whispered and kissed him
He kissed me back but he was clumsy It was very unusual for a girl almost my age to have sex with a girl that she'd never done anything like this before I grabbed his wrist and showed him how to pull his hand on my dick and then I reached into his pants and I just started to caress him very gently I barely touched it I got my hands all wet Fae caressed my cock and sighed and I slowly put one finger in half and ran my thumb through his clitoris With my other hand I caressed her breasts and kissed her neck her mouth her face()


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