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"Regina looked up from the monitor
- "Shit Again we didn't get a good result Kati prep number two so we can get an extra dose of sperm out of it"he turns to a young girl After a while he calls me:
"Cell number two has no windows and don't forget to lock the door so he doesn't escape"
Kati looks back confused - "How do you know what I'm up to?- think to yourself
He's opening the safety door as quietly as he can The guy was tied to the bed naked He had an IV in his left arm She steps up to him For a while he looks at the boy's face carefully avoiding his supplicating gaze Then his hands fall into his own hands trembling with nervousness and excitement He's determined - "Work first- think so
He's going out to get the wheelbarrow for which he has already prepared the tools and drugs and pulled them in
- "No Please don't"says the guy
- "But I have to "It's in the interest of science" she says pushing the concentrated aphrodisiac into the infusion tank
Then he puts the special stimulator on the boy's groin and carefully adjusts it After 30 seconds of agitation 1 minute of needle stick pain followed by 5 minutes of rest Repeat all of this until the program is terminated manually She'll put the nipple rippers on the boy's breasts He spends a lot of time with it and the guy's breathing gets deeper
The girl stops again and hesitates His hands are shaking his right hand can't help but migrate to his nipples
Then he shakes himself picks up the only item he doesn't need for his tailored operations
It's a medical device similar to a cake catcher Not the girl but the guy knows that this device has been used to dilate the anus of gay surviving men among other things
- "No Don't do that"'the boy asks and he will be released but he cannot
The girl on the other hand pushes the device into the boy's mouth and pushes it wide
Then he'll come out of his pants and the boy-from his comfortable boxer shorts he'll say " Kiss Me Please and I won't hurt you""While he caresses the boy's hair
The boy can feel the sensual unshaven chalice pushing into his mouth
But it's nothing Which means he's gasping for air Her nipples are very sensitive now and her dick is a tight stimulant which is very very sensual for your genitals right now And he's right near the top when a million tiny but very painful needles sweep away the curtain of lust


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