Mofos – Bonnie Shai gets pounded on the bus

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I've never been skinny but a lot of people like me the way I am I have rather large breasts accompanied by a rather large ass and men have never had a problem with that either and if I say that I have found a man before any of my girlfriends who are thinner I will not lie to them But here's the thing I'm a 23-year-old young girl I live alone I have no one I have a really bad game that I play when I really miss sex
I've always had a date and I'll always have a date Besides reading online stories I like it when a man writes nice things to me My story begins with the fact that I've had a lot of problems being alone not having time for men etc The routine no erotica no lust no passion just the lonely nights when I read stories and try to live through what I read
I got a text from an old friend on the internet asking how I was doing I've never been indifferent to him but you don't need to know this I agreed to the conversation it was a Saturday he wrote to me in the afternoon and he offered to see me tonight if I don't mind Of course I didn't mind because I like him as a person I spent most of my night getting ready And then the appointment was at 11: 00 I was looking forward to seeing you again but I didn't know what to expect When he came I offered him tea and we continued to talk
After a while sex became the topic of conversation as it happens between men and women especially when I'm the woman I saw a glint in his eyes but I didn't think much of it I didn't think he had any erotic thoughts towards me because he never indicated them to me
I opened a bottle of wine for myself because I was starting to feel a little personal about it but I didn't want to lose Female vanity And then he just kissed me
Her kiss was sweet her lips soft her eyes sparklingher hands dancing I felt like that a long time ago Every part of me was shaking and my heart was pounding and I just gave in to the feeling
I don't know how long it was but it felt like hours before he knocked me down the couch kissed me on the neck and I felt like there was no going back What we started has to end Somewhere in a small corner of my mind I knew it was crazy and what I was doing was wrong But that feeling was quickly suppressed by the desire the passion that swept me off my feet when he kissed me
He touched me so gently he made no demands he was not rude he watched my body's signals Slowly the top came off me played with my breasts gently massaged them looked at me with a smile when he used his tongue He gently moistened my nipples which have been standing for minutes first one then the other And he caressed me where he touched me and his fingers glided soft on my skin and they left a sense of absence behind When he saw in my eyes that all I wanted was to go down to explore he spent a little more time at my navel but fortunately not much He took my pants off and I could see in his eyes that he didn't care about anything anymore and if he didn't want it to be very good he'd have me all to himself But instead she started caressing me through my panties and we looked into each other's eyes and I couldn't take my eyes off her like all the feelings were sitting on her face like I saw her burning with desire And then all of a sudden she ripped my panties off and I finally felt her tongue on my very wet pussy I had a tiny orgasm running through my body and I lost control
All I cared about was being his holding his muscular body close to me and not letting go For a few minutes she was all about my pussy when I was expecting someone else to pull her up to me I kissed her and I started undressing her I thought you had a beautiful athletic body I caressed her chest after a sigh passed her beautiful soft lips I knew what I had to do to make it right for her I unbuttoned his pants and I was surprised to find that he had a very large size or a big one for me But he wouldn't let me give him mouth-to-mouth pleasure he pulled me up kissed me knocked me over and he got back on top again()


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