Mistress Uses Tied Slave

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The next day Betty called me on the phone
 Rita Darling if you're free tomorrow night please come to the club Lucy's coming I want you to meet my husband Bill
"When you call me Betty I'm always free and I'll be on time" I said
"Well then we look forward to seeing you" said Betty saying goodbye
I was just looking at the meeting tomorrow with a little anxiety Everything's been going so well so far Knowing Bill's gonna be there isn't exactly comforting What kind of guy is he? If you don't want to abuse me which if I refuse my club membership might be over And I'm a little shy and everything here is so new to me What will he think of me? Lucy didn't tell me there were men here Anyway now I'm in it up to my neck What else can they keep from me? I'll see about that I don't have to goI just want to I'm going anyway
The next day when I rang the bell Betty answered the door again
- Hey Rita thanks for comingI'm so happy Before you take off your clothes I want you to meet my husband And then Bill came up I felt my legs shaking I could barely think of anything in English Bill smiled kindly He looked like he'd come from a Verne Gyula novel He was a tall sportsman with a beard When we shook hands he could feel my hand shaking because he politely offered me cognac and spoke to me very nicely I've lost all my inhibitions and enjoyed your company Of course I knew he was Betty's husband and I wouldn't have much to do with it I've decided to be very polite but I'll avoid even the appearance of anything else Lucy just arrived
- Sorry I'm late but there was a lot of traffic
"That's all we'll be today" said Betty I can see that Rita's a little shy today Maybe it's my husband
'I'm a little shy today too' said Bill jokingly ' so I'm going to take my clothes off in separate rooms'
Our nudity was very cheerful Betty tickled our pussy more than once She was like a naughty little girl When we put on the paper coat Bill arrived He was wearing a silk robe with a Chinese pattern
"First we will satisfy Betty" said Bill Come on we'll get the supplies ready
We filled an enema ball with warm olive oil and then the Bardex with warm chamomile tea
"Betty dear please let me see your butt" I said
- You're very welcome She took off her cape and ran across the couch She had a beautiful ass I immediately felt a desire to bite into it I opened it and took care of the hidden Cup just like he did with mine I felt like I owed him that and I liked it too Betty got excited and turned on her back so she offered her pussy His was shaved too I opened it up and surprised it had a little gold ring under its clitoris
"Oh that's nice I'd like that" I said and then I gave Betty's butt to Lucy for further treatment Lucy put jelly on the barrel of the enema ball and Betty Luka Then gently pushed the tube in He waited a little while and then suddenly he crushed the rubber ball Betty snores The hot oil went up his ass Lucy took the tube out and Bill was on standby with the Bardex Now we've got Betty on her back  And then Lucy and I took off our robes and pulled Betty's legs naked So his ass was almost up in the sky Bill smoothed out the balloon on the rectal tube and placed it on Betty Luka Slowly pushed it into place He pumped a little air into it then moved it to get a good position on the inside then completely pumped the balloon up Betty's butt When the chamomile began to flow inward Lucy and I began to caress Betty's stomach and breasts Bill was licking his pussy Betty soon trembled with pleasure His butt soon swallowed all the fluids and then he slowly turned around and got on his hands and knees Now Bill threw off his robe and stood there naked His huge cock stood as if Miklós Toldi were guiding the way to Buda I'm amazed at the size of a dick that I'm gonna take one of these days Is that what you're gonna shove up Betty's butt? Oh poor Betty it's gonna crack I have good prospects On the nude beach all I saw was a bunch of junk and I even found them big for my pussy I couldn't plug in a tiny tampon Lucy took care of it right away He licked the end of the stick and smeared it thick with jelly Then he let the air out of the balloon and gently pulled the Bardex out of Betty's ass Now Bill kneels behind Betty and directs his big tool to Betty Luka I could tell it wasn't the first time he'd done it Bill pressed his dick and Betty luka expanded obediently I didn't see that coming He took it all the way Bill pushed it in faster and faster Betty even screamed out of joy And then Bill stopped and then slowly pushed a lot


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