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The next event took place several years after the first but perhaps it was the best of all That's why I thought in order to break the chronological order we should do this
It was a summer weekend that a friend of mine (let's call him Zoltan) and his wife (who should be Zsuzi) came over for a "just visit" We didn't have an appointment and they just came in and said " Hey we're not bothering you"?
- Of course not We're glad you're here
The kids across town were "on holiday" with grandma Of course the first few hours are really fun without the kids I finally get to choose from my DVD collection as I please so there's no need to be afraid that one of them might freak out a little bit from a masterpiece of my favorite genre Breast Gibson and Segal can kill break bones kids don't bother My wife is happy to have a garden un sanetli's sheltered shadow with his favorite magazines So the first few hours of infancy were joyous Andi my wife and I we had sex all over the house in the first Lonely Hour so now all we have left is a good night's sleep Until tonight 'Cause then I'm gonna miss the little ones The house is so empty without them
So this idyll was disturbed by the sound of the bell But we were really happy for them Even though we see each other a lot so he's not a distant friend Actually we only live a few blocks from each other
Zoltan who knew about our threesome with Peter had been with my wife several times and something told me that he wasn't coming over for the beer Plus he brought his wife This is gonna be a good case so I figured I'd go to the fridge and get a drink A couple of beers and the girls helped run out of wine And then you know like at the garden parties the Beetle came out So dinner was cooked beer was out We had a good time We talked we laughed we ate we drank it was kind of a summer night out of visiting And then it got dark and then we went into the dining room because of the mosquitoes
Zoltan remembered the card So we took out the deck and started playing schnapps The time passed quickly and the various alcoholic beverages consumed led to an increase in mood Zoli made sure the girls ' glasses were never empty In retrospect he actually only drank the girls all afternoon At night sometime around 10: 00 I talked about it on the terrace smoking
"You're desperate to get the girls drunk" I asked Zoli
- Yes The problem is you're out of sweet wine and they don't drink the rest
- We're out? I had five fucking bottles of disbelief on my face
There was nothing we could do we went to the nearby 24 - hour room for supplies The store might be two minutes from us on foot so we got back real quick and we kept playing The girls had martinis now because we thought it would make us go faster than wine
Zoli suggested that this game is fun but it's a little boring without a bet I mean it'S okay to draw runts and jerks to each other but we're grown-ups How about we play in kisses or something?
I watched with a smile what was coming out of it The girls laughed and teased Zoli over the alcohol they consumed because let's face it he wasn't completely sober either Neither do I After all we tried to apply the new rules created by Zoltan in the game with more less success The point was that the winner (or winners) would receive a kiss from the loser (or losers) but only strictly in the case of the opposite sex The first two rounds were either the two girls or the two boys formed a couple and then the kiss was obviously given to each other by his own partner Since this was not very interesting we changed the rule in that it does not apply with our own pair That would have been more exciting but then the problem was that the kiss turned into a simple face kiss The basic mistake was that the girls didn't drink enough I thought to myself We played a few more rounds and then we took a smoke break Zoli and I went to the terrace and the girls went to pee first Luckily they stayed true to their good habits of going to the bathroom in pairs so we had a minute or two to talk strategy with Zoli He saw that the girls weren't ready so we figured you don't have to kiss you can buy them out with a drink Obviously the loser drinks and obviously the winner drinks for him I'll admit there was a bit of a scam going on here We've come to realize that girls can handle their liquor better than we can and we can't do that if we fall asleep and they go out on their own So the trick was that while my friend was keeping the girls on the terrace I was making us some watered-down schnapps in a home-liquor bottle More specifically pálinka water


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