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Hello everyone I'm Bence and the next thing I know it's my sister Fanni and her girlfriend
I'm an 18-year-old athletic handsome guy I've never been much of a ladies ' man My sister's 16 and she's a real sex bomb Tight Tushy big round tits shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes Guys love her and her indecent dress-up style is making it worse
This year on the condition that I keep an eye on him he talked our parents into letting him go with me and his girlfriend to Lake sound His girlfriend's name is Timi and she's 17 Just my type Blonde hair muscular thighs round back not too big but more shapely boobs I've met him a few times before but we've never had a chance to talk more seriously
The first day didn't happen much exciting The journey there was in a good mood we took our parents ' car Since I was the only one with a driver's license of the three of us I was driving We got to the shelter early so we changed quickly cashed in our armbands and took a bath The first day was quite uneventful The accommodation was a two-bedroom apartment My sister and I were in the same room and Timi were in the other room alone
The next day we had a little too much to drink so Timi left early Fanni and I stayed for the Martin Garrix concert After the concert I went to get booze and when I came back I saw a drunk guy trying to rip off his clothes and drag him into the bushes I threw the beer away and without thinking I started hitting the pervert I lost my mind the kid was covered in blood when my sister shut me down We got out of here fast before we were banned from the festival
We were two blocks from the exit point when we stopped
- You okay? - yeah - I did
My sister did not answer only a few tears appeared on her face She was in shock so I hugged her
 It's okay this kid won't be able to bother you anymore - I comforted him
- Thank you - thank you "Fanni whispered in a vague voice and then kissed me on the lips"
I couldn't spit or swallow the surprise and he must have noticed that He was about to start making excuses but I kept talking We went back to the quarters in silence and passed out
The next morning my sister woke me up with hot coffee After I had a hard time getting up I went to take a shower While I was getting cleaned up I was thinking about last night's events I was able to kiss Fanni's drunkenness and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it but at the same time it turned me on to death I couldn't think of her as my sister anymore I was just about to distract myself so my dick would be gone by the time I saw my sister's sexy red thong panties on top of the laundry yesterday I couldn't help myself I grabbed it and I sniffed deep from its scent With my other hand I barely had to pull a few strings on my foreskin and I was gone I wiped the juice from my penis into Fanni's panties and put it back the way it was before Then I heard an impatient knock on the bathroom door I put my clothes on and went outside My sister was at the door Before we switched he even smiled as an accomplice to what I was doing in there for so long
Soon after we were at the festival It wasn't until we got there that I found out I left my wallet at the shelter
- It's okay "said Timi" if you leave now we'll be looking for each other for hours and besides it's the least we can do for the ride"
I tried a little harder but I finally agreed When Timi said he was gonna pay for my booze he wasn't kidding He literally got me drunk While we were drinking the spritzers one by one she said goodbye and ran off with a good-looking guy
Timi and I had a very good day although he made some ambiguous remarks but I quickly dropped the idea that he could want anything from me It was about 10: 00 and I could barely walk so Timi told us to go back On the way over we were talking about sex and she told me that she just broke up with her boyfriend and that she really misses a good shag When we got to the hostel he helped me sneak into the room Just that he didn't take me to ours he took me to his place After that she disappeared in the bathroom and then a few minutes later she came out in hot underwear
He came up to me and said:
- How do you like me? - he asked
I couldn't make a sound
She started dancing slowly and then she took off her bra and then her panties and from the end of the bed she started to erotically climb towards me He was stroking my thigh when he saw I wasn't responding so he stopped
- What's the matter? - he's scared
- Nothing I just


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