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The story takes place on a hot summer afternoon it's freezing outside the house the asphalt is shaking in the air only the apartment can tolerate this time There is not a soul on the streets and on Sunday everyone who can do so will seek refuge on the beach or in an air-conditioned place from the heat
I'll check on the clock in 10 minutes The bed's ready champagne's in the fridge some snacks are ready I shaved in the morning so everything's ready for you The seconds are running slow and I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to see you your beautiful figure the sun on your lips what I see in your eyes when you look at me when you open your arms and kiss me Your kiss is making me dizzy my testosterone is raging I long for you I long for us to be together I want to kiss your neck and my hand to explore the most hidden corners of your body to move slowly down with my tongue covering all your well-known sensitive points with kisses
I know you have arrived whom I have only seen for a day but still as if I had been forever separated from that moment I'm crazy looking for the keychain but I don't have it at this hour I don't want to keep you waiting but I'm also selfish I don't want to keep myself waiting to see the person I love who is the reason for my life I finally have the key of course I could have seen it the first time it was in its usual place You can't see clearly at a time like this
When I see you walking towards the gate my heart starts beating even faster You're wearing a dress that's one of my favorites short blue skirt and a low-cut but not challenging blue top that highlights your beautiful breasts I will open the gate with trembling hands I need your embrace I need you to lean on me And it happens what I've been waiting for I look into your eyes I see the tenderness the fire the love none of us can take it anymore we fall into each other's arms and the outside world is gone only you exist and nothing else I'm lost in your kisses and I know you feel the same way
We're not hesitatingwe both know what we're looking for I'm gonna drag you down the Hall When we enter the house I feel with my wild hand that perhaps from sudden cold or excitement your nipples have become hard sensitive to the slightest touch I'm gonna take advantage of that by reaching under your tiny top and I'm gonna start spooning you first by touching your perfect breasts and then I'm gonna circle the nipple with my fingers while we're eating each other Suddenly I realize that we're still in the hall what we started it would be better to continue in the bedroom As hard as it is I will break away from your lips and drag you behind me I will pour you on the bed and I will lay gently on you and we will pick up where we left off our lips will meet in an endless kiss but when my masculinity to get out of the pants touches your lap you will moan urgently and I know how you feel I would like that too However I'm still holding on to the moment as long as I can when none of us can take any more of this abstinence When I kiss you I gently caress your neck then the piles of your breasts and move a little lower reaching up your skirt slowly caressing your thighs then on your lap and I can feel that if the moanings and reactions of your body had not been revealed I was not the only one of us who was aroused I'm gonna start massaging your labia and by the time your body tightens you're gonna bite my lip and not that it's ever happened before but I know there's no turning back
You sit up and I see the fire in your eyes the one I love so much about you You rip my shirt off and push it over my back with little kisses and bites all over my body I'm trying to kiss you rub your body but you won't let me I know you want to make me happy that this is about me I'm trying to resist I'm trying to please you like you've never felt before but when you're kissing my belly my resistance breaks I'm trusting you You're slowly pulling down my shorts and I can see in your eyes and your hiding smile that I made the right choice when I didn't wear underwear Slowly you rub my virility and then you lick me from the base to the tip The tremors run through me and I just want to explode from your touch and that's nothing compared to what's coming next First you lick the acorn with one hand at the base of my phallus and then you stroke the skin up and down and then you look me in the eye and slowly but deeply embrace my manhood as deeply as you can You know how much I love this and now you want to please me


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