Mae and the Big Bad Wolfe


It was dawn when they were banging on the window Anne shuddered Cliff quickly jumped out of bed and hurried to the door His naked body was painted reddish yellow by the light of fire Anne's eyes were on him before he cried out the window- Who is it? You heard Billy's voice Cliff went into the other room and she opened the window and Billy walked in"I feared for you" he embraced the trembling girl - I can't stay right now because there's an epidemic in Kobeskow and I have to go They can't beat the funeral'I'm sorry' said Anne feeling her voice faltering- Don't go to the village anymore They're rabid I brought you some hens and a bloodhound kidAnne was once again overwhelmed with gratitude and she had almost kissed him with the same old love Then she quickly dressed and went down with the man to place the animals The puppy ran to him with great enthusiasm"How cute" said Anne Yeah for now but in two months he's gonna tear up whoever's coming here What did you do to the dead animals?"That's where I buried it" said Anne to the Great Oak The man was jealous- Did someone help you? She lied to me again and Billy calmed down They locked the last chick in the barn and the Rooster bitched for a while Billy's horses snored in front of the car The man was leaving He took her to him and kissed her for a long time"You girl I want to fuck you here in the back of the car" he went into Anne's butt and she kept her mouth shut " but I have to go"And he opened his arms and jumped on the boot He held up the horses and set off in the light of the sun looking back and forth at the girl who waved As she disappeared into the woods Anne ran up to Cliff She threw herself in his arms crying"I hate myself" he cried and the boy stroked his hair and back"It is not your fault life is so cruel" he comforted her and then covered her face with kisses Anne slowly calmed down His pain turned into love Cliff began to undress her caressing her kissing each of her prominent velvet parts and then lay down between Anne's legs and inhaling the scent of her hair again He moved in her long voluptuous enjoying Anne's every moan"I am delighted that you are so devoted" she whispered in her ear which turned her on Her legs were wide open and she embraced him He burned his mouth dried up and he sweated like never before Then it was strange she had never felt pleasure before His body and soul were shaken by passion His face was filled with otherworldly joy and he felt that he would die instantly He heard the sound of a horse racing in his ear and his heart beat so hard it broke Then he felt Cliff come and finally let the lust cover his body and then he lay in the arms of his beloved The thought had crossed his mind that he was almost taken by the devil but dismissed it The first ray of The Sun ran through their intertwined bodies and then stopped on the halo of the picture of "the heart of Jesus" hanging above the bedCliff went to the village this morning and Anne went to the woods to do mushrooms He went down the Lower Road then climbed up the hillside looking under the Ferns ' leaves In his side pocket the giant deer fungus grew When he got to the ridge he looked down and saw the whole neighborhood The tower of the village his own house the creek and the bait where he used to watch the deer grazing with their calves It was a beautiful landscape and you've seen it your whole life Now he's been through some inexplicable pain He was sorry to leave the usual pictures Then with a heavy heart he took the high road back There was an abandoned chapel in a small clearing He used to come in here to pray for his parents The sun was still shining through the window and the image of the Virgin looked down on her from the altar with a gentle smile and felt that the crucifixion Jesus had taken over her sins He sat down on a bench with a relieved heart with his hands clasped asking God what to do He loved cliff unconditionally he would have done anything for him but he could not escape the fear that there was still a great deal of trouble And he feared his one true love to deathHe was completely lost in his thoughts when someone touched his shoulder He turned around scared a friend behind him'Look the Little Witch' said the old man with a tormented face - I didn't expect to see you here My parents are buried in the garden- Are you the Hunter's daughter?"Yes" said Anne - I haven't even seen you here- I just came hereI've decided to dedicate my life to this place I see something's bothering you You don't want to tell me?Anne raised her tears-soaked eyes to the friend and shook her head stubbornly- You'd be relievedShe looked at the Virgin again and the words began to flow He told me everything and then he just sat there like he was empty The friend sat next to him and now he looked down at the altar Then he speaks in a hoarse voice- Did you know you were in league with the devil? Not at first but ever since I met Cliff I have- Get out of here as soon as you can And make sure your love is validated as soon as possible And throw away the sinful bottle as soon as you get home'And what about my soul' said the girl desperately- Do you regret what you did? - Anne has thought long and hard- I made a mess but I don't mind being loved Especially TomThe friend stood up and kneeled at the crucifix He raised his eyes to the sky and waited for God to answer They were quiet for 15 minutes immersed in the sea of prayer when the friend stood up Jesus taught me love and you loved me even if it was a little weird If you stop giving people drinks and try to make things right everything will be fine Will you do it?'Yes' said Anne"Then I absolve you in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit" he held his hand to bless her head Anne's heart is relieved- What do you have for dinner? - he asked the savior of his soul- Some pills- Let me leave half the mushrooms You can make an excellent stew with the Berry'Thank you daughter I accept' said the friend taking off his lean little bag Anne had measured her delicacy with great measure and then she asked with a smile- What's your name?- Benedick and yours?- Anne Anne don't worry there will always be fresh flowers on your parents ' grave and Anne's heart has fallen again He bent down in gratitude to kiss the hand of his benefactor but it gently pushed him away- Thank God not meAnne went home in a hurry Turning into the yard to his surprise he saw Tom playing with the dog


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