Love The Female Orgasom


- Yesterday?
My assistant Judith was able to piss herself on nothing In fact he had plenty of time for that stupid statement which kept him until the end of the day and a little longer than that but I found some amazing pleasure in him beating the clivia with his uptight straightness and rage-flushed face Today she was wearing a plain skirt and a white blouse with a horrible red scarf around her neck He looked terrible Except of course for her huge breasts which she had put in her armoured bra again but still every time she made a move they were floating together Every time I saw these breasts I just got this naughty teenager out of me I wanted them like crazy Judit wasn't exactly the bombshell type He was always hard on everyone especially himself She wore black Trotter heels dark straight-line skirts with a pale or white blouse to match He could knock out more keys in a minute than I could say and he was considered an anointed priestess of filing at the board of directors She's been on a diet practically since I met her His weight had not changed of course but at least he had a reason to become more and more moody and sour Every now and then I would have gladly fed him a huge bowl of frosting to see the joy in his face I often imagined introducing her into the mysteries of lust taking off her conservative clothes and her conservative views but I always got to the point where I tortured her a little With a little extra work or a little extra movement from one building to another especially during elevator repairs My gym could easily handle these challenges but Judit was sweating and breathing and her bosom was swaying and her big butt was swinging on the steps This is when I liked to hold professional meetings elsewhere He thought I hated him and picked on him because of his weight and style He had no idea that all I really wanted to do was stick it on my dick grab on to those huge breasts drown in them rattle on with the joy of clinging to his butt
He came into my office with a bell on his headhe didn't even knock He knocked the printouts off my desk
- Here you go
A drop of sweat came from his forehead and he was clearly very very angry I took the papers and went through them Not only were the data I asked for but also the back tables each data marked with its own color in ascending order in a way that can be adapted to larger queries He was a pro If I had ever done half as good a job as you I would have been sitting in the principal's chair a long time ago
"Judith" I looked up to her bringing as much warmth as possible into my voice " it's perfect
He was shocked then he turned red He never had to look for words but now he's just croaking in his confusion
- Yeah well I tried So that tomorrow on the board it can be presented in full I did I did my best
Her lips were bent down and she cried to my horror I got up I hugged him and I navigated to the chairs next to the negotiating table
- Judith please - I rubbed his arm  You've done a fantastic job no reason to cry
The only answer was a faint whisper I fished a box of tissues out of my desk drawer He pulled out the little shawls one by one but he couldn't speak until the tenth
- I'm sorry - she was crying
- Please Don't cry
- I'm sorry I am it isI really do I'm sorry
I put my arms around her and put her head on my shoulder I couldn't think of a better way to make her cry and I let her boobs get in the way of me I caressed her back felt her bra clasp under my hands The classic guy with three pins For a size this size you need a three-way He huffed for a while and then he raised his head
- I'm sorry I'm ashamed I'm crying like a donkey
I took one of the handkerchiefs in his hand and wiped the smudged mascara off his chubby cheeks
- It's okay it's okay - I murmured - But now his perfect makeup is gone
- I did I paint myself every morning to match my dress - he said still breathing heavily - Not that anyone would call me a compliment But this is how I feel I'll dress up like I should at work I don't walk around in skirts that fit like waistbags and belly buttons like some people do It's like they're not going to an office they're going to the corner "I know what a job is" I do my job I don't talk around the coffee machine smoking for hours I know where everything belongs where to look where to put it I know when to get to a job I've never been late in a day and I don't expect five hours in a big coat It's 5: 30 but it's me - he waved his hand indicating how devilish he was as a laborer()


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