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The girl looked at the boy with a happy eye on the stage The music was all over her body and it made her tingly Rita's barely 16 His short brown hair and blue eyes glistened in the spotlight This is the club where they met Zeta the sax The boy was ten years older than he was but he didn't care Love quickly took them away Rita if she could would always come to the concerts He liked the sound of the saxophone as the voices almost made him feel sexual pleasure and the boy smiled at him after every song Then after closing they went home hand in hand They were kissing and by the time they got to the boy's apartment they were out of control They started throwing clothes at the door and Rita was happy to look into the green eyes in the heat of love Today he couldn't wait for the show to end He bought a sexy lingerie and he really wanted the boy to admire his slender body in it During the break Zeta sat next to him as usual and gently caressed her hand and then lightly just touching her lips kissed her- You look beautiful today - the boy looked at her wondering and Rita felt that the underwear was already feeling its effects They went home quietly Zeta felt the girl's excitement and she didn't want to make it any more intense They went up the stairs and entered the apartment The boy put down the saxophone and then he took Rita in his arms and took her to the bedroom He stripped her with his trembling hands When the top came off he took his breath away The deep red bra covered almost nothing of these beautiful breasts The Lace ended just above the steepening buttons The boy took the girl out of his pants with his greedy hands and he took his breath away again The front of the thong is the same lace as the bra"Stand up" he said " Let me look at it like that" And Rita stood up and raised her arms above her head so that her slender figure would emphasize the lingerie as much as possible A strange almost foolish idea came to mind- Play for me just for me
- The neighbors won't like it
- Just once And the neighbors will get over it and Zeta brought the saxophoneHe started on Rita's favorite and she started The sweet melody crept under the underwear with the boy's eyes He shook his hand and felt his panties wet with lust He bit his lip and looked at the boy who approached him Their shoulders touched each other and then the boy leaning on her back blew the instrument with complete spirit Rita's eyes were filled with tears and she was happy to hear the end of the song He felt the music made them all one The last voices were gone and they threw themselves in each other's armsThey slipped down to the ground and Zeta took the clothes off From his underwear like a hard spring was released his rigid tool
'Now it's my turn to play' said Rita taking the bitter - tasting flute He swallowed most of it and started sucking it gently
- Oh this is delicious "he whispered and gently caressed her back" And she let the tool out of her mouth and now all she did was lick the acorns Zeta couldn't take it anymore They took a pillow off the bed and put it under Rita's head and then the boy started playing on her lover's body like the saxophone Feel gently First she freed her breasts from the tiny lace He took one nipple and took the other one between his fingers The girl was moaning heavily from the double stimulus And then they started kissing while the boy's hand was on the road He went through the flat belly the bulging buttocks and then he glided under the panties between the legs Rita was breathing heavily He lifted his butt so the boy could pull his panties off Zeta went for the shaved pussy He began to lick her feeling her body shaking more and more Rita finally couldn't take it anymore and she pulled on her sweetheart and then she took the Prancing pleasure pole and put it inside her Zeta entered her lover at the base and began to move in him with a slow motion of pleasure Their bodies were aligned their hearts beating at the same time Their breath was left out and their bodies began to take control of their lust
- More more faster - gasped Rita and mistress increased the pace Then the girl's body shook and the ecstasy hit through her Her back was bent and her lover felt her grip on her virility This feeling stirred his blood and moaned with happiness he came releasing his seed into her They got up on the bed and then Rita nested herself in her lover's lap They kissed for a while and then he drove the boy's half-hard penis into her again But all they did was rock each other and they were slowly falling asleepOn the saxophone set on the chair there was a light little lace-up


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