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I want to kiss you softly but I can feel your desire and that makes me impatient We're eating each other's mouths and now my hands are wandering first I'm just gonna grab your neck and pull you closer to me our teeth collide as we try to immerse ourselves in each other as deeply as possible While our tongues are fighting a voluptuous battle I caress your shoulders your arms and then I touch your beautiful breasts touch them lift them up a little
Your hand isn't idle and it's touching my already waking Dick My hand moves down tooI'll just put it on your lap first You're gonna choke on my mouth and you're gonna raise your lower body a little bit and you're gonna put it on my hand And then I get all up in the air and I start stroking your pussy with my hand and you don't stop and first you just grab it in your hand and then you gently grab my virility
My whole hand is on your lap and I'm so excited by it slowly and firmly and you're sitting back and enjoying it on the cushions I'm leaning over you and I kiss your lips but now I will head towards your neck and with my teeth I will gently bite down I can feel it on you that you are looking forward to the achievement of my mouth and with your neck stretched back you offer your beautiful breasts to a hungry number With my mouth at the top but that's not enough for you You reach out with your hand you hold it in your hand like a mother nursing a child so that my greedy lips can reach out more easily
And taking advantage of this opportunity I will first kiss the nipple and then satisfy my own hunger first I will only suck in the prickly bud but I will open my mouth more and more and more and open my mouth as wide as I can so that I may possess as much of the delicate soft meat as possible
I'm so excited that in your hand my gun is going to swell up and it's not gonna take much to put my milk in your hand But I don't want to rush it so I'm gonna put my hand on yours so you don't move it In the meantime mine is not idle and now I have three fingers stroking between your legs You're getting a little carried away and you want more In the meantime I will return to your caress and you will pull my head with your hand closer to you but you can't do it any better because my mouth is full my nose is full and I can barely breathe but I am enjoying your beautiful breasts
As my right hand slithers up and down between your legs I bend the middle of three fingers more and more and I can feel the juice coming out of your little hole Every time I touch the entrance you rise up to make it as easy as possible for my hand and for my palms to rub against your already swollen clitoris As my finger moves down it can no longer glide over your cave but the end will slide a little into its entrance And then the next move But it's halfway in your vagina and you're whispering:
- Do it again "And I am happy to obey the command and my hands continue to move in and out of my mouth while I let your tits out of my mouth and now all I do is suck your nipples hard"
- Honey don't stop now - you're whispering and I can feel my finger getting wet and you're lifting your hips up and you're throwing yourself up I can barely hold your breasts with my mouth and my finger slips in every move and all of a sudden your body's tightening up again and I feel your pussy contracting repeatedly captivating and rewarding the brave intruder and then you're slumped back to bed
My tired lips kiss your face my hand still rests on your breast You look at me and you speak softly :
- I love you  I'm gonna lean to your forehead and I'm gonna give you a kiss and I'm gonna love it if you don't notice that my eyes are watering
- I love you too  And then I feel your hand move and you start petting my gun You turn to me half impatient and on one knee on the bed with the intention of pleasing me with your mouth
You're gonna put it between your fingers and have a nasty smile and you're gonna lean in and look me in the eye the whole time You touch the tip of your tongue you play a little bit around the opening you try to put it gently and then you lift it up a few inches away and you enjoy watching your saliva and a few drops of see-through juice mixed together dangling like a little stretch of yarn between us Then you do it a few more times and then you look at me again and you're curious about the effect But you can be sure of your success for I enjoy with my eyes closed as you try to force your tongue more and more into the small opening and your hand may feel that you are on the right track because my cock is growing more and more swollen its head sticking out of its hood and it is constantly growing almost full in front of your face
Your tongue leaves the top and you go all the way around my ACORN a few times then down now you're spooning the rim around()


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