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It was hard to understand what had happened to me so far and I've been over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again I didn't really have a chance to calm my thoughts down for a few hours I've been expanding on the topics that I've been reading videos and sex stories and even the shemale videos are starting to excite me but what really intensified me is domestic sex Of course it wasn't preemptive because on some level I've always been attracted to mom but for a long time it came out of nothing more than a look of appreciation My mom raised me all by herself she's a 50-year-old skinny woman you might say she's skinny she's got small breasts but her butt is very shapely for her age
The history I mentioned earlier is that lately mom's behavior has been getting weirder I had to do more of the work at home he kept locked himself in his room more and more I had to help her computer do something once and she left me alone I was pretty sure he spent most of his time masturbating so I thought I'd check his browsing history My chin fell off It was almost exclusively porn videos among the first hits and in a similar way to me he was interested in almost everything above the norm She's not a loud woman so I was especially surprised at how perverse she is I kept rolling and then the next thing I knew he was on the same page that I met with the Judits I quickly looked at the user's name and after I finished I went to my computer and logged on to the site to see what it was doing there He didn't upload a picture but he wrote a long introduction mainly for perverse correspondence and chat with young boys as young as possible () My heart was racing and my dick was exploding The previous slight attraction turned into a stone-cold sexual desire I wanted to fuck my mother I made a quick decision and I wrote it down In the meantime I verbally told him his plane was ready He went to the machine impatiently and I heard he was starting to work on it There were pictures and videos of me up there and it's kind of kinky so I knew you'd like my profile based on the background In the letter I told him that I'm not really 18 only the system can't be set to lower values and I'm incredibly excited about older women and I want to talk about anything without taboo whether it's pee sex more violent sex or even domestic sex
I almost couldn't breathe until my mom answered but I didn't have to wait long He said he had trouble writing because I got him so excited with my letter and pictures and he said " Let's go to chat" I did and I saw it was active I was so excited my mouth and my hands were numb and my dick was dripping with secretions
"HI" said Mommy
- Hi - hi That was quick I didn't think we'd be here so soon
- Well I didn't think so either but it was so cool your interests your age and your pictures May I ask how old you really are?
- 16 Not too little?
- God no
- So you're excited about the big age difference?
- Yeah - yeah Very but something else it's just hard to write about
- I said I wanted to talk without taboos so please write down what's going on
- Well lately I've been like addicted to porn and I've been fantasizing a lot and I've gradually gotten to the fantasy of me and my son your age…
- Uhh That's kind of hot
- Really? - yeah Isn't that sick?
- Well I can't deny that obviously but it turns me on anyway :)
- I'm happy for you :)
- What were you fantasizing about?
- Well the crazy thing is the only thing that's extreme is me masturbating to my son and not only did we do normal things in my fantasy we did perverse things too…
- Like what?
- Well like asking him to pee on me
- Hmmm you're turning me on And you want that in real life? Do you want it to happen?
 I know I'm going to hell but yeah yeah I want my son to fuck me and piss on me Ah it feels good to write that down
I was sitting in front of that machine and I was shocked and I almost went off It was surreal that my mother would think of me like this and I could almost hear the sound of a keystroke when she wrote it all down for me I wanted to run over and jump him but I had a hard time convincing myself that I wasn't sure it would work out so he could figure out what happened So I chose a different one
- I'm glad you wrote that down for me Now you may not believe this but I do things like this with my mom and even though I'm the one who initiated it if you want me to help you do what you have to do to make it happen
- I don't know about that I really want it but it's not right


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