Lesbians tie up & dominate Gi DiMarco


I met Bea on the internet I looked for him for a long time Since I'm a member of the older age group it was really nice to meet you His kids are all grown up and gone That'S what they call MILF She lived alone for a long time and she really missed having sex The first time he almost passed out he enjoyed it so much He told me he fantasized and masturbated every day Maybe that's why the fire was burning in him and he didn't get tired and he didn't give up on the pleasureReal good 40s He's got a wonderful figure Skinny body nice tits shaved pussy and nice ass She has beautiful brown eyes beautiful long brown hair and a wonderful smile Oh I love it
I mean I can't complain either but I still have a muscular athletic build and it's true my hair is a little gray but I feel young
Since we both lived alone and the work really didn't bind us to a permanent place we decided to move in together In a small village in lowland we rented a house with a huge plot of land It was summer when we moved in
Because it was so hot we were naked almost all day I started it first when I went out to make coffee this morning I didn't wear anything It's just like they say I brought the coffee in with my dick in my hand and watched him sleep I stood and watched as the blanket slipped away and admired her naked body I kneeled quietly and woke her up kissing her pussy First he moaned a little and when his eyes opened he began to enjoy it What are you doing honey asked? But I just licked her violently and I saw her pussy wake up Oh put it in pleaseput it in quick I barely had a few when he came I lay on my back and slowly he sat in it It felt really good I put the coffee cup on my stomach and I smiled and said Good morning dear The cup was hot and it burned my stomach but I could take it That's how he had his coffee "This is the best coffee I've ever had" he said
The house we rented was on the edge of the village so there were no neighbors nearby and the land the house was far from the main street It's a paradise at the end of the world During the day we took the house or garden often desired
There were times when I would caress her or lick her back touch her tits or kneel before her and lick her pussy which she said in a low moanWithout any preparation Of course I had a hard-on right away It's like we were trying to make up for years of hardship We fucked everywhere in the kitchen on the terrace in the bath standing on the bench in the sun He had a lot of fun It was nice to see her sitting on the bench her legs spread and glistening her pussy all wet and laughing It's been wet all day
Once after making love like this we talked about what group sex could be like I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it too It wasn't really about swinger it was about him and the others I wonder what it's like when sex isn't a taboo subject it's a natural thing
What it must be like to have other people watching me pamper Bea's open pussy Bea admitted that she had already thought about it You know honey when I was sitting out on the patio I was just sitting there for a second and I thought " What if someone was looking in the fence and I was coming in?" I'm really excited about this
Let's do it I suggested
Since the house was at the end of the world we thought it was appropriate to organize it We talked about being faithful to each other and it's just the sight that makes our lives more colorful He followed the decision We put an ad on the internet that we were expecting couples Of course we told you the purpose of the ad and the rules
During the hospitality only complete nudity is acceptedIt's summer it's hot so that shouldn't be a problem
It is forbidden to make any comments on the other
Making love anytime anywhere
The exchange of couples is done according to their own will but only with caution and with the consent of all four involved We didn't want it to be an insult to anger or a bad feeling that would ruin the mood
Our aim is to make love to others to us and to make love to others to give excitementMinimum requirements are acceptable form grooming and cultured behavior
We've been waiting for you after the ad It was surprising to us how many people came forward
All good-looking kind intelligent couple Bea and I have chosen five couples and informed them of the address and the time We've been waiting for you Saturday morning the phone rang and the first couple asked for help because they were lost An hour after the route was set the intercom rang to say they'd arrived I opened the gate and they came in As a good host I went out and received them Of course meztelenülAz a couple in their 40s got out of the car I'm Gabor the man introduced himself and this is my wife Cristina()


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