Lesbian domination


With me is story 8 it happened in class we were on a field trip and that's where things happen I knew I was gay but my classmates didn't know that but I ended up in the same room as the Prince of my dreams and I decided if I didn't get it in two days I never would it happened the first night around midnight that he said he was going to take a shower and I'm totally turned on she was undressing in front of me barely leaving her underwear on the view was amazing he wrapped a towel around you and grabbed a shower gel and I went after him and I saw if I could see anything on their keys he was standing with his back to me but it was still perfect I thought to myself how nice it would be to go after him and knock him off his feet like that but I waited for him to take a bath and then when he came back to the room he was just wearing a towel I was sitting on my bed and she started digging around in her purse and the towel came off he was standing there with his cock in the sky I'm not saying it could have been 5 '4" I went behind him and put on his towel and threw him on the bed he put on his pants and then he sat down next to me and we started listening to music and we talked that's when I realized his dick was still standing I locked the door and then I started talking about something completely uninteresting as I waited for his reaction he came up to me and I laid him on the bed and I lay on him I kissed her and she kissed me we kissed for like 30 seconds while we were going through each other's hair that's when I kissed him all over his muscular upper body it was staring me in the face that I finally got what I wanted six months ago and then I pulled down his underwear and he stripped me too that's when I hit the wall and started playing with his dick I'm not saying it was long and thick I sucked hard as I caressed his torso with my hands I felt like I was about to leave so I laid him on the bed and asked him to suck his dick when he put my dick in his mouth I thought I was leaving he sucked so good it's a miracle and then we both sucked each other's dicks that's how we came together then we took a shower together and washed each other's bodies that's when I asked him to let me suck his dick again she said yes and I knelt down and took it then we got dressed and went to the courtyard of the pension with the others who made bacon they couldn't imagine what we were doing together and we laughed at them
Night of the second day:
last night my new Knight threw himself out of his wits and he could not move you shouldn't have been so drunk which is why we had to move upstairs where the three of us got a double bed and a single bed unfortunately I got the double bed with a guy who wasn't exactly my type but it worked I told the other guy I was gonna sleep with him last night was saved but I didn't know how to get it yet unfortunately there were three of us so I couldn't attack him but we took a sleeping pill to put it in the teachers ' drinks we put a bag in the third kid's glass and then we mixed it up()


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