Lehrerin fickt Schüler im Wald nach der Schule Freund filmt

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The next day Norbi was finally back to her old self cheerful chatty so the day was in a really good mood We looked forward to the rest of the evening and fortunately we were not disappointed because the boy had bathed with us again and we enjoyed it because his penis stood up We laughed a lot at Norbi's pig jokes but the best part was when he asked if we'd ever seen a standing coat rack a bath towel and all three of our underwear on his coming Willy and he walked up and down in front of us like a proud little cock Rita and I were on our side crying our eyes out When Norbi was done she went to her room and asked if we wanted to go in and talk to her Of course we followed him
"Not in the chair" said Norbi shaking his head "but here on the sofa sit on two sides" he said turning the key at the door Rita and I looked together surprised but we obeyed Norbi came to the sofa and leaning her pillow over the wall she placed her back against the pillow and settled between us in a half-seated half-lying position We saw his bath-sheets rising high between his legs from his still-standing penis and this exciting spectacle unwittingly drew our eyes over and over again When we realized that Norbi knew exactly what we were looking at so conspicuously we were embarrassed but the boy said nothing a mysterious smile ran through his face and then he stood up
- You mentioned the doctor game yesterday You're right why can't we just keep going? - and he made an indescribable face:
- Hey girls I'm the surprise - he said with his humming voice mimicking that guy from the commercial he knew He looked at us with a look of anticipation and then with a sudden gesture he took off his bath-sheets and lay down his hands next to his body on the pillow completely at the mercy of his naked body his defenceless groin for our curious gaze
Rita shrieked softly and my heart fluttered and my breath took hold for our most secret dream had been fulfilled unexpectedly: a few arches before our eyes the boy's genitals were open beckoning and though Norbi had not said it his highly speculative look revealed that he would now yield to us without any condition Our astonished eyes clung to his groin and with open mouth we leaned very close to him unable to get enough of the beautiful sight that lay before us
A thick dark brown pubic hair surrounded the boy's penis which rose like a flower in front of us The long torso of the emerging cock was slightly bent in the direction of the boy's belly; it was uniformly thick all the time; it was only broadened at the bottom of the head as I observed when it was low and on the lower surface a thick vigorously bulging muscle of a finger from the scrotum to the head ran along the entire length of the trunk The skin on the broad head which was slightly bent back appeared on its circular opening the pink tapered end of the penis and it looked like an acorn in its cap with a red-lined tip which looked like a small protruding vertical lip The brownish slightly rough-skinned hairless scrotum was spread out on Norbi's thighs and the wrinkles were smoothed out by the bulging balls We were very excited at this sight our breath was heavy but then Norbi increased our excitement even more for she took his penis in her hand and pulled the skin from the end with two fingers so that the swelling of his head would be visible and thus the beautiful beauty of his loins was revealed to us
The embossed pink Acorn widened towards the torso in a cone shape thicker at the lower edge than the trunk itself and the back-drawn skin rolled up in the ditch below the edge On the dull tip of the Acorn the small lips opened a little opening the opening of the penis which had been hidden from our sight Under the opening a small triangular skin flap ran down dividing the bottom of the acorn into two bends
For many long long minutes we stared with silent admiration at the boy's magnificent genitals and I felt the excitement of the wetness and at the bottom of my groin a humid humid vibration Looking at Rita I could see her fading eyes on the boy's groin his hand involuntarily moving towards him which made me feel the desire to hold Norbi's hard hot cock again for a moment I wanted to throw myself at him now but I was afraid to move and when the rising waves of pleasure ran through my loins again I trembled all over my body and I looked at Norbi with a veiled eye longing for my sudden desire who until now had been silent in order to discover the secrets of his body()


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