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The summer sun peeking through the bedroom window waked in the eyes of waking Wayne and Colleen to wake the lovers The boy opened his eyes and saw the contented face of his beloved The pleasure of the evening was in her eyes She kissed the lips of her love and then holding her face between her hands gently penetrated her lips He flattened the smooth smooth teeth and then began to chase around with her tongue He tasted Coleen's mouth's freshness like a delicacy this morning
- You're delicious darling "'said the girl interrupting the kiss which became more erotic' but let's not dive into it or you'll be late for practice today'
 You're right honey but I really want to spend a whole day with you and I really want to spend a whole life with you"the boy replied holding her face in his hands again"
Their lips bonded in a hot passionate kiss The boy unable to control his hands took care of his mistress's full-fledged breasts Her palm was pierced by the bulging nipple of her breast He smoothed the thin fabric of the nightgown from the bosom of his mistress and pressed the ripe strawberry-sized nipple between his lips He caressed the tip of the nipple gently with his tongue The girl murmured with satisfaction and pleasure In spite of his growing excitement he spoke to his partner:
- Wayne honey I appreciate what you're doing but you're really late You even have to take a quick shower and have some breakfast or you'll collapse in practice
- You're right honey I'm sorry we don't have time but the old man will Skin me if I'm late
The boy got up from the bed and went to take a shower and she quickly set the table in the little kitchen and put breakfast on the table That's when Wayne came out of the bathroom dressed
- Colleen honey Can I tell David we're taking this opportunity to go on a field trip with them?
- I'd be happy to go with you and them I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to spend time with them
After breakfast Wayne got in his car and left for camp She followed her lover's car with a loving look until it turned off the street The boy went through thin traffic Last night's great joy and love for her lover was mixed with the great desire that came to her when she remembered Victoria's muscular butt He caressed me through his male member and felt that he was hardened by the excitement He wondered how to tell his friend David his most secret desire not to be hurtful and to give him a chance to be rejected but not to feel defeated when his friend says no In fact he didn't think his wish could come true He started to cool off when he got to the training camp gate The uniform guard saluted and recognizing the young player he gave Wayn the honor of the class to proceed to the closed parking lot When he stopped in front of the dressing room door David welcomed him with a laugh:
- What's up boy? How'd it go last night? Do you have any success or are you still trying to break the post?
- We'll talk about it after practice But I feel sorry for our goalkeepers "replied his friend with a smile on his face
The training was fast and rhythmic There was nothing unusual about David's handoff except Wajne's scores were off the charts Master Ericsson also noted:
- Wayne my boy Leave some good shots at the dog
- Yes Master"said the boy to whom he soared with joy and passed on to his companions
They joked and teased each other doing the training coach prescribed At the end of the practice they went to the dressing room without any sign of fatigue In the shower Wayne and David started talking
- Well what's up? Will you come to Spain with us?- you asked David's friend
- Cole and I talked about it He'd be happy to come too if you're still holding up your offer He was able to clear his schedule so we don't have a problem going out at the end of the week"said Wayne
- Let's get dressed and have a good beer okay?
- All right let's have a drink
After dressing they sat in the pub in the training camp They both looked at the glass in front of them The dark brown reddish Guinness was covered with thin white foam The air-conditioning was nice and cool in the room
- Talk to me boy What happened last night? Did your girlfriend finally give in? - asked David
 Not quite yet but we're on the right track "said Wayne
 Let's move on to your most secret sexual dream
Wayne raised his glass and took a big sip of the foaming beverage The pleasant-tasting juice was pouring out of his mouth as his head slowly started to red
- Feel free to start - David spoke to his already starting boyfriend - It can't be that bad because sex is good in every way that both parties like
 Well I don't know if I should start - Wayne muttered in front of him with his head bashed down()


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