I fuck a Fanboy for the first time #1

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The story I'm about to tell you happened to me this summer
I was on vacation with my parents and some family I knew on the coast of South France I didn't really want to go down there because my girlfriend couldn't come down and when you're 22 you don't want to play the part of "mommy and Daddy's cute little one and only son" and I don't want to be forced into it In the familiar families only children younger than me travelled the oldest among them was Zita a 17 - year-old beautiful girl with whom we spent a lot of time together when we were kids but in recent years we only met once a month even in passing We never had a bad relationship but because of college I lived in pest almost all the time and we just stopped being really good friends She was a beautiful girl long brown hair beautiful bright brown eyes Her skin was fine and soft her breasts were full her waist was slender her butt was nicely raised and in the summer she always dressed so that the lines of her thong could be seen through her trousers or skirt Despite all this I never made out with herto me she was always the little Zitaka we had when we were younger I knew your friend they were together for three years and their relationship seemed remarkably harmonious
The first night one Saturday your father came over and asked me to take Zita out on her own because he didn't want to let her go He made it clear to me (which I had suspected before) that he did not want his daughter to let herself go and give herself to another boy every night I always knew he was a very strict man and he kept his daughter on a "short leash" who had never been allowed to share a room (let alone a bed) with her boyfriend I think he was under the impression that his daughter was still a virgin You should know it's not so hard to find a place and an opportunity when you're looking for it Anyway I said yes a little reluctant because I've always hated babysitting especially when it comes to disco I went over to their room with him and discussed with Zita (or rather her father told him) that he was going to party the next night from 11: 00 to 3: 00 with me I felt it was a little early to start and the method was dictatorial but Zita humbly said yes
But when his father turned away he smiled at me with an accomplice I didn't know what to think but I smiled back
The next day I didn't see Zita at the beach all day and her dad said she went into town to take a look I was very surprised but I didn't think about it At 11: 45 pm I went over to their house and Zita answered the door in a very pretty and sexy dress For a moment there was a movement in me but then I remembered why his father (if he was going to keep it so strict) would let him wear such a dress
We went to the disco which was only a few blocks from our hotel The evening was pleasant typical beach summer night The wind smelled like sea making the heat ideal The disco was in the basement of a house at first we thought it was closed because we didn't hear any sound but after six euros and two soundproof gates we found ourselves in a room with a very cozy huge air-conditioned sufficiently loud music but chat rooms But there were only ten of us and the bouncers (intelligent kind but well-dressed guys the size of a triple-closet) said " Don't expect anything till 1: 30" We bought two Chivas Regals and sat down to talk Especially Zita He told me how bad he was in the mood and now the day before he left he had a fight with his friend Then he told me about his father about the limits I asked him why he didn't come to the beach For the first time in the evening she smiled honestly and said:
 Because you can sunbathe naked on the balcony of the hotel room
Needless to say the next moment I looked at her I saw her naked with my mind's eyes
And I liked the view Then he began to talk about how he took great care to have all the corners and curves of his body tan nicely and evenly Of course I was getting more and more turned on I could tell he was enjoying it I realized he was deliberately trying to turn me on Thinking about it the whole conversation was about seducing me It seemed absurd for a moment but my instincts were right and I started to play along A quarter of an hour later when the mood started we were dancing She was a very sensual dancer His movements his glances his accidental touch and his caresses excite me He was good And I really enjoyed it What guy doesn't enjoy a beautiful girl doing that to him? I've decided to play too
At 2: 00 he said he was sick of disco let's go home After the dance it was a little weird but I said Okay After all we both had our fun and I have a girlfriend at home and she had a good time()


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