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It was the next day after Lee and April agreed in tears to find an apartment and move away from the others
Lee's been quieter than usual all night His mother and Kim asked him what was wrong
- Nothing he lied Well it wasn't really a lie: nothing was wrong with him but he had to admit it was strange to move in with April to get away from the family he was so close to and then start a new life But deep down he knew they had to tell the others before they made their move
That's what happened last night but now it's a new day: The Sun has risen and everyone except April and her brother has left the House
"Hi Honey" said April hugging her waking brother in bed
- Hi - hi What time is it? - Lee asked after kissing his sister
- Dawn 'she glanced at the alarm clock' she replied
- Whoa okay Are we alone? - Lee asked April nodded and kissed him long and long with her tongue finding its way into her mouth
Lee kissed her back wrapped her arms around her and drew her close to him
- Oh Lee I'm sorry but I can't right now "We need to talk about what to say to the others" said April rising from her brother's embrace and sitting on the bed
'All right April' said the boy a little disappointed He would have longed for his sister but he knew they would soon be spending all their time together
- So? What are we gonna say?
- I don't know What do you think we should do? - Lee asked back as he stroked his sister's naked body with his eyes
April spent a few moments thinking about it
 I think we need to find an apartment first Dawn and the others will understand but I'm not sure about mom ' she said then laying her head on her brother holding close to her
"It will all be resolved April" said the boy securing his sister and kissing her forehead and holding her tightly
Lee woke up two hours later fell asleep in each other's arms
 April wake up - he said quietly He didn't want to wake her up all of a sudden
- Mmm what's wrong? - he asked me when I was sleepy He opened his eyes slowly to get used to the light
'I think I heard something down there' replied Lee He got out of bed and put his clothes on
 There's no one here but you and me Lee Don't worry "April said holding her brother's pillow she held him to feel the warmth of the boy's body"
Lee wasn't so sure He was willing to swear he heard something and he was determined to look into it
As he reached the bottom of the stairs he was greeted by the sight of his sister Stephanie
- Hello Lee-he smiled
- Hey Steph 'Lee replied a little surprised to see you at home' - What are you doing home?
'They interrupted the teaching because of a gas leak or something' she smiled - So I came home
- Oh I see "Okay" said Lee stepping from the last step onto the cold floor of the kitchen
- Where's April? - asked Stephanie Lee started a little bit on the question - Is something wrong?
- No I'm fine April "he's up there" he added after a moment's pause
- Upstairs? It's a little late for that isn't it?
- He was very tired this morning "I don't think you're feeling very well" said Lee to divert suspicion from you unaware of how close the two sisters were
- Oh I'll go up and cheer him up
- No no no no I think he's asleep You don't want to bother him
Lee's reaction shocked Stephanie He wondered what his brother would have said if he knew what happened between them the other day
"All right I'll see you later" he said
- It's for the best He needs rest - Lee's heading back to the stairs
- Where are you going?
'I'll change and come' replied Lee running down the stairs
When she got to her room she found April in bed He was fast asleep
- April Stephanie's home Get upget up - he awoke her gently shaking her sister's arm
- Is Steph home? Mmm "you are early" said April sensibly rolling on your back
- April I told him you weren't feeling well He said he'd come to you "You must go to your room" said Lee Meanwhile he sat next to her on the bed
"It's all right Lee" said April - You worry too much
- I'm not worried but I don't want Steph to find out that way-leaned on her sister Lee to look her in the eye
- He already knows Lee Tell him to come up if he wants to see me - That shocked the boy How did Stephanie find out?  Lee please tell him to come up and leave us alone for a while "I'll tell you later" said April and then she kissed her brother in the face and got up The blanket glided off freeing up her big breasts and perfect nipples


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