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It's a garden party maybe 20 25 of us all boring knuckleheads I'm Anna I'm 20
I'm having a nice glass of red wine at a friend's barbecue In one corner they're playing spin the bottle and the kisses just keep popping On the other side of the garden they're playing real Hamis All the guys I like but now I find them boring
- Anna are you having a good time? Come on we're talking about your favorite subject at the table love - let the host whisper in my ear
- Why would I go? Once again I am of the opinion that love is a tedious bond independent living is a vast array of possibilities- I waved it in the back
- Just once let me see you fall in love
I stopped listening to that sentence because I was getting distracted by the conversation between my ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend The company was too loud so I could only hear fragments of sentences but I deduced that they were fighting about something
My ex-boyfriend who everyone called Boo Boo Boo Boo wasn't a good-looking guy but maybe I could say charming Our relationship was short-lived and in the end there was a big fight but in a few months Peace was restored
So much so that we cheated on each other our current couples
I approached slowly
- Hey Boo Boo Why are you alone? Girlfriend is she dating a guy? - I asked a little hypocritical hoping for an answer in my favor
- We had a fightI'm starting to think he's a kid in this one too
- What else is there?
 Well you know I don't discuss my girlfriends ' sexual performance - he had a smile on his face
I had a craving I wanted to feel it in my mouth like crazy From the sea of my desires I was drawn back by the sudden noise of the community which came from the next table
- Come and talk to me see if I have some advice for you I offered Bubus the chance to get away - At least I'll rub your shoulder a little
- Well that would be nice
I didn't dare to look at her suddenly because I was afraid by the glint of my eyes she would know what I wanted and she might refuse Leaving from the roof that guards the terrace of the house I set out towards the end of the huge garden slowly we went around the House Here the music was hardly heard we were already in the orchard when I found the little garden house with no closed sides It had circular inner edges with pillows We sat down I put my glass in a decent distance I leaned over Boo Boo Boo's ear:
- I want you I want to bathe your dick in hot saliva
In response I received a kiss He sat on the circular table in the middle and I sat on the bench between his legs My hand slowly moved under his shirther hot skin was burning in my palm and I slowly scratched her melkasa with my nails looking for her eyes with mesmerizing cat eyes My hands slowly slid down to the button of his pants which I easily tucked through the hole I bent down between her thighs zipped the zipper with my teeth He lifted his butt a little bit so I easily slid his pants off He was wearing well-known tight boxer shorts I gave it to him a clever invention that can be opened on the side
I looked up at him and we smiled
- I knew you were comingI thought it would be easier to get rid of this
I popped out the little pants on the side with his dick half stiff
I slowly took it gently into my hands and my cold fingers played with it like a fine porcelain I kissed his acorn I put it in my mouth a little bit covered it with a lot of saliva I could feel the blood vessels bulging under my fingers His dick's getting hard I smoothed the acorn with my tongue and slowly pulled my tongue down to the testicles I licked around the bag bit by bit bit by bit bit by bit And then I had my tongue at the bottom of his dick again
It was hard like maybe never before The tip of my tongue was slowly sliding up his tail I could feel him shaking for a moment leaning back on his hands and putting his head back On the way up I would stop and stop for a moment put it in my teeth a little bit but gently so as not to cause him any pain()


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