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- Somebody HELP
Total silence And I'm trapped in my prison All alone In my bed Naked My ankles and wrists are tied to the legs of the bed It's been almost two hours Carly and I my girlfriend took advantage of us being alone in the house and coming to my room for some intimate time One of our favorites was tying each other up I did it with Carly first and she liked it Over time he suggested that I could be the subject I tried it and I didn't mind From there we took turns tying each other up when we could spend some time together
This afternoon Carly stripped me down strapped me down and covered me with lotion We were ready for some uninterrupted sex Unfortunately I was able to make a subtle reference to your sister and that's a very sensitive point He got mad and even though I tried to explain that I didn't think what he meant he stormed out of the room When I heard the front door slam I was just a little worried I was sure he'd clear his head and be back soon Unfortunately I couldn't look at the alarm clock but it didn't come First half an hour then a whole hour then a half no sign of Carly I was so worried The bed was uncomfortable and I was getting thirsty It was even more difficult to expect family members leaving work and school It crossed my mind that Carly wouldn't come back and they'd discover me
What a shame Naked tied to my bed I thought it would be best if my brother Robbie found me Of course he'd laugh at you first then untie me He'd be the second best father He'd raise his eyebrows and never mention it again But she's my sisteror mom that would be humiliating Hannah would never let it go Maybe even take a picture of me so he can threaten me or blackmail me later Mom would just explode I wish Carly would come back
Another look at the clock
- Helphelp Somebody Anyone
Nomom don't What if Hannah comes home with a school girlfriend? Or is mom gonna show up with Aunt Sarah? I've been thinking of worse scenarios
Then the front door opened Thank god someone's here But who? I decided to keep quiet and try to figure out who it was If it's mom I'd rather be quiet and wait for someone else They stepped on the stairs and then someone went into one of the rooms That's Robbie or Hannah I decided to take a chance
Quick steps approached and my door opened
- Kevin What the ?
- Uhhhhey Hannah - I muttered in the knowledge that he would measure me from head to toe
- Can you untie me? - I finally found my voice
- Oh my God
- Yeah I knowyou don't have to say anything Just help me please
- But what happened?
- WellI was with Carly andhe got a little angry Then he ran off and left me Can you give me a hand?
- How long have you been like this?
- A little over two hours but we can't continue this conversation at a time like this am I more dignified?
- What if mom finds you like this?
- Not if you stop asking questions and help me
- That's so funny
- For you maybe I feel like I'm in hell
- It's still funny I need to take a picture of this - he said it and ran off to his room
I knew this would happen but now there was nothing I could do Hannah came back holding her phone First he looked all over again and then he smiled and took some pictures He was really into it He took pictures from multiple angles He even knelt down by my bed once so he could have a picture on the same level as me
- I hope you've had your fun Let go of me now I'm dying of thirst
- Are you thirsty? I can help you with that
He went out and came back with a glass of water that he put on my nightstand
- Hannah - I said I shook my hands angry
- OhOh I'm sorry "he answered and held the glass to my mouth so I could drink"
That's not what I had in mind but I had a few sips and then I asked :
- Wouldn't it be easier if you untie me and I poured myself some water?
- Maybe But it wouldn't be so much fun
- Thank you - thank you
Hannah went to the window and said:
- Mom would have killed you if she found you like that You're lucky I came
 Actually I was hoping for Robbie or dad You know I don't really feel lucky having my sister staring at my thing
 Maybe you shouldn't have upset your girlfriend "he said cheerfully and touched the straps that secure my hands"
- Where'd you get these anyway? - he asked


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