Hidden camera in public bathroom, interrupted sex

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Over the next few days my stepdad came into my room and put his dick in my mouth It wasn't bad it was just that I wanted more and it really didn't seem like I was gonna get that from him I tried to get her to fuck me really I wanted her to hug me kiss me stick to me get inside me and make me a real woman The minutes hours and days passed and I was slowly losing my mind I never did and I still don't think I'm a nymphomaniac but back then all I could think about was sex I watched our guests let them secretly pet me slap me on the ass try to flirt with them but something always came up I had classmates friends or with a slight exaggeration any man in my village but I didn't want to be tied down with a local I just wanted a guy who would come and fuck me and leave so I'd never see him again It even crossed my mind that one night I would stand on the road with the other girls but I knew their pimp would probably drive me home and tell my mother So it remains in the depths of the forest where I could walk naked and wait for my prince to come As they say I started looking for trouble I came home most nights Andras when he was awake he grumbled something but otherwise he left me alone
I woke up late that morning and decided to stay home and relax Unfortunately there was a huge bus stop in front of our boarding house and the tourists came into the lobby with a loud noise Since I knew what was coming I quickly dragged my dress up and snuck out before my stepdad took me in to serve
In the forest I was greeted with a sound of birds I was about to take my skirt off when something went wrong behind my back I couldn't scream and they put their arms around me and shut me up
I heard one of them say something:
- Not bad huh?
 If you stay still we'll kill you you'll be fine If we don't kill you
- Do you understand?
"Yes" I moaned
I saw it was a shame to disagree The tall one pulled down his pants got on his knees to my face and started punching me in the face with his dick I felt every punch Suddenly he grabbed it and put it in my mouth He started sticking me in the mouth by the book I tried to open my mouth as much as I could and use my tongue to keep it from touching my teeth I was scared but it was also hot While his partner was pulling down my skirt and panties
I've fantasized a lot about how I'm going to lose my virginity but at the most daring/brutal moment I never thought that two men more than average Brown would take away the most precious thing of women as my grandmother called it It wasn't so bad to suck it tasted and smelled like Andrew's but somehow I don't know but I liked it I liked it
I spread my legs so your partner could get to me His palm then pressed against my vagina rubbing it With one finger he reached into my vagina with another finger he rubbed my clitoris This was the moment I knew there was no going back I moaned up loud And he started licking me My clitoris is swollen and he noticed it and licked it into my pussy I've never felt what I felt when I masturbated The heat flooded my body My pussy was so wet its hard tail was moving forward without hindrance Then all of a sudden he stopped:
"You're a virgin" he said astonished His partner took his dick out of my mouth and kissed me
- Don't worry you'll hardly feel a thing
Of course he wasn't right I had a sharp pain Fortunately it didn't last long the pain was replaced by pleasure He slowly pushed his tail deeper and deeper and with his hands he started grabbing my ass Just when I thought he was in there he threw a big one at me and he put one of his fingers in my rectum He started fucking like crazy and it felt really good when his tool filled my pussy Soon he filled my pussy with sperm and almost passed out on me


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