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If I'm really sick of it I'll go to a power movie and be a peaceful jerk-off and watch a movie or two and it'll make you feel like a jerk-off I just did I used to sit in the back row and pull my dick away from everyone to enjoy it Sometimes I go over to the homo side ' cause I don't give a shit especially when I see some good action Some people like a little publicity and even a little help on a small pile of wishes
Now there was almost no one there I went straight And it was really crowded there
I walked in and headed to my usual spot My eyes aren't used to the dark yet and I tripped over several feet I thought it was a coincidence but every time I tripped the Helping Hands were touching me from the front caressing me from the back By the time I got to my usual place I was barely standing on my feet and my dick was half-hard by the caress of my ass my dick and the pressure But slowly in the darkness I sat down in my usual place I mean I would have sat down if someone hadn't been there so I sat on his lap After a quiet murmur and caress I was able to get back on my feet again and as they made room for me I was able to sit down I looked at my neighbors in the dark as much as I could see To my right there was a middle-aged guy sitting on the other side of me and I was already sitting on his lap and there was an older guy They both beat him in silence their tails watching the movie on the big screen I thought I'd wait until one of them left and have more free space What I did notice was that they went through each other's tools several times drawing new inspiration for the sequel The film was interesting too they mixed good situations with spectacular close-ups What a bunch of pussies and tits and Dicks changing each other during the action
I had a hard-on of my own and I couldn't move my growing loincloth so it wouldn't be uncomfortable The younger guy saw my discomfort and said " I can see you can't handle it" Aren't you sick asked? I told him no it made him calm and winked at the old man Well I thought I'd do what I had to do and I unzipped my fly It sounded like a trumpet almost everyone turned back to see the play What can I say satisfied sighs acknowledged your size My neighbors were interested in the view and it was as if they were talking together reaching for it at the same time and they began to pull the skin up and down Very dry said the younger There was an argument between them because the elder immediately fell for it and took it almost to the root which would have been a great achievement and would have drowned in the fur forest but shaving my dick was easy The younger one moving along with his own dragged mine not to be bothered by a blowjob And he was nodding his head and enjoying the delicacy Sometimes he would stop and take a breather and lick the brim under my Acorn around with the most delicious pleasures Watching the movie and the pampering I thought what was happening to me was a miracle The younger one I could barely pay attention to because of his blow job Well yes it would have been worth it because he didn't tell me his plan but he took out a lubricant and used it to smear his butt in the hole He hissed softly at the old man and he let it out of his mouth and he sucked another long dick on him and the nice and wet guy sat in my dick Well it's been fun so far but it was the best It was a little tight a little tighter than the pussy I've enjoyed so far and that vacuum I felt like I was about to go I felt strong and thought of a mountain climbing experience to make the Pistons last as long as possible
I've had a couple of Spa Adventures but this is the best ass I've ever had I got so excited and I didn't care about the crowd I'd rather call envious fans standing up from the chair and setting up the guy I leaned forward and fucked with wild power as I could I clung on like a drowning man in a safety belt and tried to get my dick deeper What's forever? The end came I told him I was coming And the old man spun me around and sucked on my cock and sucked on it There was no way back()


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