He fucked me hard during the trip right in the car! – Mini Diva

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I woke up in the middle of the night and I almost cried out because I was staring at a pair of green eyes Zsofi smiled at me and then laughed
- I can't sleep so I decided to watch you sleep
"That's very kind of you" I said with a smile and I kissed him
 I never thought we'd have this kind of relationship
 Well neither do I especially since we're related Although to be honest I'm happy for you
- Nice to meet you too Once again our lips were kissed and our hands began to explore each other's bodies We instinctively caressed each other and kissed each other caressing each other wherever we could find them Jófim's mouth soon began to moan but after his indulgence mine too The blanket was soon on the ground and we continued to pamper each other Moments later we found ourselves in a 69 position with mouth and hand excited each other's intimate erogenous zones After all Zsófim took his place in a riding position on my Manhood and I was not idle: I caressed his silky skin with my hands where I could understand it and I aimed at his breasts and neck with numbers but our lips did not find each other on the same occasion
Zsófim accelerated at the pace now screams had left his lips
I fell on my back with a sudden idea and we performed our erotic dance as missionaries That must have surprised him for his mouth was wide open with astonishment not to mention his eyes widening round This time I laughed but Jófim followed my example then I put my mouth on his mouth and we started a sensual kiss fight His tongue found mine and took possession of it in circular motion This time I stepped up the pace approaching the top I took the strength to delay my impending eruption and I had the result for my Jófim once again biting into my shoulder enjoyed a great deal It made me go faster and in a few seconds I followed my lover and filled the scented Cup with my seed again "We were breathless in each other's arms ""as my beloved spoke":
- I have an idea
- Oh yeah? What is it?what is it?
- I really liked the part about the massage cabin last night I'd like to do it again
"All right" I smiled and put it in my lap and I walked towards the bathroom This time Zsofi set the program the temperature of the water and even the music
I stepped behind him I put my arm around his waist and I kissed him in the neck It made him jump and turn to me and I continued to caress his neck with my tongue sometimes targeting the earlobes of one hand and then another caressing the femininity of one hand and the other hand caressing his butt accompanied by satisfied sighs Neither was he and his hand found my Manhood and began to beat him with practice You surprised me with that but I soon found my way: first one then another found its way in its fragrant cave and my thumb circling its clitoris increased the pleasure But I went further with my other hand stroking his anus and my fingers found their way here I took care of her breasts with my mouth increasing the excitement I have experienced And moments later we both enjoyed a great deal Zsófim did not let my seed be lost this time: he made the last drop of his tongue disappear with the blessing of his tongue making me almost come a second time in the shower
We washed each other we cleaned up I targeted the kitchen and I sent my Zsofi to the front of the room I found a bottle of whipped cream and a bottle of wine in the fridge I took both with the corkscrew and two wine glasses and then I returned to Zsofi's room My little lover was shocked as soon as he saw what was in my hand but he didn't say a word just smiled His eyes reflected I don't know but I think I know what you're planning I opened the wine first poured it for both of us sat down next to her on the bed and then we had a toast As we sipped our wine we talked caressing each other After we drank the wine I grabbed the whipped cream


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