Gorgeous blonde bartender is talked into having sex at work

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It's the middle of the week the kids are at Camp so with Ildiko my wife and I have the house to ourselves We go to bed early for a hard day's work so we can get some rest The Silent Night is suddenly broken by a whisper and a low noise I eavesdrop and realize that the noises are coming from the construction site of the House expansion I'll get up quietly and open the door and sneak out onto the terrace A cloud of veil covers the full moon so it hardly gives light through it In the dark I see three or four shadows moving around the tool shed Sneaking in the shadow of the wall I approach one of the shadows and grab his arm and he cries out He's trying to run but I'm holding his wrist tight The rest of the men escape through the opening on the building's fence The man you're holding is trying to escape but I'm already holding him in my arms and dragging him towards the entrance to the living room I'll push him through the door and turn on the lights I'm surprised to see I caught a young girl Ildiko and I will block the exit
"Call the police" I told Ildi
No no no  I'm begging you don't call the police
Why shouldn't I I say but you don't think we're just gonna let you go? And then she starts crying telling me that her new friends stole her It was his Test to be accepted into society He doesn't want his parents to know what kind of company he was in while they were away
What do you think we should do with you? - I'm asking
Though what I would be willing to do to keep the truth out of what I've done today is to hear the answer as he bends his head Out of the corner of his eye he stares at me shyly coquettish
What are you thinking? - says Ildiko
After a long silence the answer comes in a whisper: I would give my virginity to your husband
Ildiko and I look stunned My throat suddenly dries up I can barely swallow It's hard for me to speak and in a low voice so that she can't hear me I ask Ildi what to do now In the meantime I have an idea which I will quickly tell Ildi
What if - I'll start but I have to swallow to keep going - if the three of us - I'm speechless again
Are you thinking about getting into bed with this girl? - Ildi looks at me in amazement
We've talked about it - I'm starting to apologize - that we should try sex in threesomes She's watching us
Ildiko thinks long and then goes to the girl How old are you now? - he's asking
I'm 17 this week and the answer is out
Seventeen and still a virgin? "is that what you want me to believe?"
She tells him that his parents are very strict about him that he hardly ever gets out at night and that the only reason he can wander now is because they had to go abroad for a few days While they're away her grandmother's looking after her but she gets wasted early so she takes advantage of the opportunity to live a little more freely He met this company the first night I exposed them Now he's afraid that if I call the police his parents will know everything and they'll be even more harsh on him As long as he tells me a story I look at Ildiko and I look at him with questions Without saying a word just nod your head and give me your blessing on my idea
All right - I'll start-we won't call the cops but you're staying with us tonight I'm gonna take your hand and take you to the bathroom I'll put water in the tub
Take a bath I'll be right back I'll tell him and leave him alone for a while By the time I get back she'll be naked in the tub soaping her body This is the first time I've seen it She has round brown eyes a little nose and narrow lips On his thin body small breasts are soapy My eyes stick between his legs on a bare pubic Hill I'd like to go for it right away but I'm holding back I'm going to soap my hands and wash your back and then I'm going down slowly I have an old desire Ildiko never let me take her from behind so I think I'm gonna take this opportunity to have anal sex with this girl I slowly slide my fingers into the opening of your buttocks and massage them to wash them
"On all fours" I say as I roll the shower head off the pipe With my left hand I took his shoulder and with the lukewarm water I massaged his buttocks and pressed the end of the tube to the loosened holes The surprised girl moved forward but my hand prevented her from pulling away from the pipe The water jet broke into his butt slowly filling it out When I thought the water was burning I let him urinate in the toilet I washed her ass until all I could get was clean water As a result of the water the Rose of her tushiya opened a little inviting the area to be discovered When the bath was finished she was dry I pulled out a little tube and then I covered his clitoris and buttocks with a little aphrodisiac cream


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