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Hi I'm Petey I would like to share with you my nudist experiences or as I became a nudist in a story True only in an amateur way because I've never written stories in any format But I hope you will enjoy reading my writings
First a few words about myself I'm Peti 25 living in a two-bedroom apartment in Borsod with my mother and sister My father doesn't live with us anymore The beginning of my story goes back a mere ten years When I started puberty and puberty when I was 14 I was very interested and eager for erotica At that time the Internet was only available to wealthy families so the erotic source was only provided by hand-to-hand pornography and home peeping At home there was never that hushed prude and we could go to the bathroom without being offended if someone had bathed and walked bare to the room after a shower But his nudity is exhausted When I was a teenager I always looked for the opportunity to see my mother and sister naked When I was 13 they gave me the idea of a woman because at the time I only saw the two of them naked When I was alone in the apartment I would always strip naked and do and do look at myself in the hallway in the big mirror and masturbate a lot Where I live in my neighborhood there's a nudist possibility of a quarry When I was very young and we drove by my father always said " You don't have to come here because people bathe here naked" Needless to say that's the kind of thing that goes straight to the brain of a young boy
I had my first nudist experience when I was 16 when I was driven by curiosity and erotica and to see girls and women naked I was on my summer break and I jumped on a bike in a warm everyday morning Like a ten-mile ride down to the little village of nudist Lake which I've been eyeing for so long I reached the dirt road by the lake and first I mapped the area As I was slowly winding I saw trampled little roads leading to the immediate waterfront I stopped at one and walked in but I didn't see anyone on the beach I kept going and I saw a Wartburg standing on the edge of the dirt road and I got off my bike and I walked in here on the tram and I saw a couple of naked couples lying next to each other sunbathing on their backs I was still 20 to 25m away from them I didn't dare go any closer but I could feel my heart pounding and erotica pouring down my body "this is the right place" I said to myself I was looking at them for a few more minutes so from a fair distance and the sight of the erotic effect started the erection in my penis I went back out I sat on my bike and I kept riding
There were more cars on the side of the road I had my eye on a nice little stop by the water I walked down to the waterfront with my bike so they wouldn't steal it so I could go home I found a small beach about 20 feet long and from the left there was a small rock and from the right there was a bush that went into the water I took my blanket out of my purse and I put it down and I started to undress I had a very pleasant and strange tingling in my body I stepped out of my shoe I took off my shirt and then came the shorts I pulled off with my underwear on
As my underwear was released from his captivity my penis was a bit of a stiffness in the open air They couldn't see me from the neighboring beaches because I was covered from the right and the left I stood on the blanket with a half-hardening completely shaved tail and I enjoyed the soft touch of the sun's Rays on my naked body and the gentle caress of the breeze It felt like heaven with erotica Then I walked into the water and it did not suddenly sink and I was five meters in the water and I was submerged to my waist and as I turned around I could see that nudists were enjoying the summer on the shore next to me On one side there was an older couple and on the other a family probably with a child of my age
When I assessed who was next to me I turned around and swam into the cool water As I swam out I looked at both my neighbourhoods which is why I came out and I stopped in the water where my feet had already landed He was lying on his back and she was sitting on the beach looking at me They were like 50 years old and she was looking at me with like a little big and big like floppy boobs Then he waved thank-you to me I was so scared but I waved back and then he sat up and said hello to me
On the other side the family was about to enter the water and they greeted me very kindly The woman had little tits with dark nipples her pussy slightly styled in a rectangle with dark hair The man is of normal build with a tail covered with hanging natural hair The little girl had barely a pair of pointy tits and her pussy was covered with a soft fluffy hair under which her vulva was white and she was between 13 and 14 years old()


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