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This incident just happened to me on a lovely summer night My girlfriend and I talked about everythingSex Schoolet cetera We were talking about our sexual desires who gets turned on what they want to try
Suddenly his phone rang his girlfriend Kata called She wanted to know if she was free to meet him? My girlfriend asked me if it was okay if I was there He liked the idea so we invited him over and an hour later he rang She was dressed pretty tight jeans that emphasized her shapely legs and buttocks and she was wearing a nice little shirt upstairs that didn't have a bra under it Her nipples pressed a small lump on her shirt which had mysteriously drawn the shape of her breasts She kindly invited him in with my friend and offered him a drink on his dried-up lips He drank red wine something badacsonyi and dry It made her lips glistening and desirableWe got comfortable in the chairs and started chatting In the background there was music and the smell of delicious food that my girlfriend improvised
We were getting more and more into this conversation and we were slowly starting to figure out why he wanted to meet with us He told me how lonely he is every day and how much he longs for company Meanwhile the impromptu dinner was ready and we ate it well As the evening progressed the fine wine ran out and the atmosphere grew more open and better We had a nice laugh when I accidentally ran out of my mouth and the question is how do you do it without sex?? Suddenly everyone was frozen and we just looked at each other when I said again and said
 I'm only asking because I'd have a hard time without sex
I managed to lighten the mood and overcome the crisis My girlfriend sat over and lay on me and we kept talking I was out of the third bottle of wine when I started to feel this huge urge to grab Kata's round breasts I quickly dismissed those thoughts and went to the kitchen to get another bottle of wine When I got out I noticed my dick was stiff and pulling out my pants I had to find a way to calm him down I pressed the wine bottle against him and tried to think of nothing sexual and it worked I went back in a hurry and I was surprised to see those two making out on the floor I went quietly inside and sat down on the chair and watched from there It was a maddening sight the two tongues playing in each other's mouths biting each other's lips and calling each other names in a lustful voice Kata's hand gently moved first he caressed her back then he plunged into her hair and pressed her face hard against him Csilla's hand set off to wander through every inch of Kata He's going all the way from the ankle to the butt to the shoulder Then sparkles lay down on the ground and writhed on Kata looking at her face Kata began to kiss her neck gently until she reached down to her stomach and then she grabbed my friend's top and pulled it off but so skillfully she took off her bra He began to kiss the breasts that came out of his mouth sucking on his brown little nipples chewing on them which made it huge He was moving down and in the process I could feel my dick getting harder She reached into her skirt which was already wrinkled so she could let my friend's bald and wet pussy through her panties She pulled down the skirt and the panties with her and now she had a full-blown full-blown pussy which Kata swallowed with a big big big big groan Kata licked Stella's hot pussy with her tongue and her clitoris which had already swelled up stuck her tongue in and out of the tight moist vagina and at the same time began to irritate the majestic clitoris with her fingers In the meantime I couldn't take it anymore and I took out my throbbing dick and I started beating him
Shima was approaching orgasm with huge moans when Kata pushed two fingers into the gaping vagina before her and shimmering and having a huge orgasm They rested for a few minutes and looked at me)


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