Gefesselt und gnadenlos ausgenutzt

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We had a drink and all of a sudden he said:
- I'm gonna run in and pee-and he's on his way to the House
- I'm coming wait - and I went after him
I really enjoyed the cool air in the blacked-out apartment The bell was ringing at noon and the water started running in the bathroom
- Shower? - he shouted as he fiddled with the pins to set the ideal temperature
- Let's take a shower - I joined the room And I had to pull the short off while I quickly jumped into the toilet Moments later we were both under lukewarm water
- Would you like to go for a swim? "he asked but as if I had already answered he crouched down and closed the drain of the relatively large corner tub and turned the faucet"
- Do you like hot water? - he looked back
- Yeah - yeah - and it might do you some good in this hot weather I guess Arabs don't just have tea on their siestas for nothing
There was a loud splash of water in the tub He even spilled a bubble bath in the water while I was standing opposite the tap He turned to me and went from squatting to kneeling
- Won't you come to me? - I put my knees up
- Yes - and leaning on his hands he slipped closer As he touched me he turned to lie down between my legs He stretched his back against my chest in the rising hot water putting his hands on my knees I held her gently but from time to time I drew one hand in the water to wash her breasts and belly from my palm
- We fucked a lot "but believe it or not I could do it again" "he said as he closed his eyes and stretched the back of his head to my chest stretching himself comfortably out in the foamy water" The sound and small movements of the buzzing caused a pleasant tingling sensation throughout my body And it was becoming less and less invisible or even imperceptible because my hardening dick pressed against its back
- All right all right - he sat up pretending to be angry and then with his legs up he rose a little While he was squatting over me I stretched my legs a little bit closer so he could easily pass over them He definitely grabbed my prancing Dick and adjusted it into him With his knees bent his hips moved forward he descended upon me so that I could fill his hot pussy with desire
- Now that's more like it - the sound of a silent flirtatious voice before it started to slide on my cock
It started to dictate a relatively fast pace but it was felt exactly as a warm-up A few moves later he leaned forward clung to his left hand to turn off the tap Then standing upright he began to move considerably slower and soft Every move we make has been a turn-on At first I gazed at the arches of his back loosely just lying there in the water and then I became more and more anxious to feel and caress the body the breasts the belly and the lap I climbed up on the edge of the tub and I put my arms around her waist In our new position rhythmic movement is impossible So I felt it best to draw him to me and my left hand was about to go towards the wet shaggy Shanks of his lap and his right hand was about to go towards the piles of his breast
With his head on my shoulder he enjoyed my caress
- That's what you think - I whispered in his ear and in your ear later could I get past you by staying inside you?
He didn't answer he just tilted his head forward and rose up a little bit but he made sure that my Acorn remained within the sphincter Ring of his vagina I carefully pulled up my right knee but it became clear that my vision would not be feasible So when I started to lift my other knee I pulled it back on myself with a vigorous gesture
- Wait wait wait  we need more coordinated cooperation here - and he pushed his butt into my lap even harder as he bent slightly forward so that he could reach out and hold his hands firmly against the edge of the tub


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