Fuzzy Lips – 02 UNCENSORED

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Icu called and said he had to stay at the clinic another week I was sad because I was looking forward to coming home Eva's been hitting on me since our last missionshe invited me to dinner I couldn't refuse We had a good meal a drink and he told me about his life She told me that she loved her husband very much that he was the first and only man in her life For a few years everything was fine but then she started drinking and their lives were ruined Her husband gradually went down unable to perform as a man He became an aggressive violent animal beating him and his little girl on a regular basis She died of cirrhosis two years ago He hated it so much that when he died he felt relief instead of pain and grief She also told me that her husband only practiced traditional sex rarely and briefly He heard from his girlfriends about oral and anal intercourse thought they only happen in porn movies And the fact that he puts a man's dick in his mouth but before they lick it it only happened in his wildest dreams
- So oral sex is off the table ready for anal?- I said laughing
- You're mean Norbi I'm excited about it but I'm afraid of it- - he was worried
I told her I'd be gentle with her so feel free to take care of yourself We went into the bedroom and undressed each other We tried the classic 69 position I lay on my back and he sat on my face while he coddled my hard-hitting penis with his mouth I was busy licking the pink hole in his red bush and as far as my tongue had reached I put it in his vagina several times I took her labia one by one in my mouth and gently sucked on them When my mouth got stuck on his clitoris and I started smoking I thought he was gonna bite my dick off The whole time I kissed my foot it slipped down on me and my hard-ass tool in its wet pussy As I grabbed his shapely buttocks and stretched them out I applied the cream to his inviting anus I pulled my erect penis out of its dilated vagina and adjusted it to the creamed hole It was really tight and all I could do was push the tip of my Acorn I let Eve control me He took my penis slowly slipped on it inch by inch stopped several times As it moved on me I could feel it relaxed and his initial fear was gone He enjoyed it and so did I it was hot and tight I grabbed his ass and pulled it all over my gun about to explode I came roaring Eve howling with pleasure
A few days later Noemi called me on the phone and asked for a meeting I mean the reproaches and the interrogations We were supposed to meet at my house tonight At Six O'clock Noémi arrived he was very kind and I offered him a place and a soda
"Norbi I have a confession to make"
 Both times you were with Mom I watched you I really liked what I saw
I want you to be the first man in my life Please teach me everything you know
I don't want to wait 30 years like Mom- he just said it
I was shocked and I really didn't expect it when I came to Noah took off his clothes and he asked me timidly
- You think I'm pretty don't you?
Yeah well done Noemi was like a Barbie doll Gold-blonde half-length hair bright blue eyes white skin and the size of our elongated Her tits were barely raised and her bald Hooters were covered with blond hair I took him in I caressed him I kissed him I tried to talk him out of it
- You're very beautiful but I think you're free because you're almost a child
 I can do everything mom did to you maybe even better Very
I've wanted you ever since I saw you all I can think about is making love
And to confirm his words he filled me with kisses and began to undress me my weak resistance quickly overcame him As I caressed her I felt her white springy skin glowing under my hands and I knew there was no turning back I caressed her small shapely breasts her nipples were perky I twisted them crumpled them until their color deepened and the bud-yard wrinkled with passion I slipped my hand between her legs and nursed her bald groin pressed I caressed her pubic lips and I was surprised to feel the lips were wet My fingers glided through them all the way up to the protruding sphere which protruded its head from the lips Noemi caught air when my fingers touched the clitoris I gently pushed my middle finger into her vagina and gave her a gentle massage I heard that his breath was getting more and more intense that he had the urge She scratched my back screaming and I felt something running through my fingers Noahemi kneeled in front of me and took care of my gun as if he did every day He gently held my cock caressed it and caressed it and drew his hand up and down the entire length of the rod gently down to the scrotum He leaned forward kissed the bag took the balls in his mouth gently washed them and touched them with his tongue()


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