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It was about 5: 00 in the afternoon The car parked outside the dorm A woman got out of the driver's seat He opened the back door and called in his daughter:
- Chris honey get out It won't be so bad here trust me
A 15-year-old girl got out of the back seat He was tall brown hair up to his waist wearing a black T-shirt and mini jeans
- I think it's gonna be bad I don't want to go to college
- Come on baby let it go - Come on let's go inside
Kriszti hurled the door of the car in a fit of rage and entered the building behind her mother In the lobby they were met by a young man with papers in his hand:
- Hello I'm Zoltan Black
- Hi - hi I am István Kovács this is Cristina my daughter
- Hi - hi - grumbled Kriszti
- Let's see Yes I got it Krisztina Kovács second floor room 205 locker 25 You're gonna be in a room with four upper-class girls Here's the locker key Go ahead and take your bags upstairs
Kriszties went out to the car took the bags went back to the building and went up the stairs to the second floor They found room 205 in the middle of the hallway The door was half open They're in There were three beds to the left of the door and two beds to the right In addition there were two desks facing the right wall and a window across the wall facing the door Four beds were filled with a girl arranging their clothes and only the bed behind the door on the left was available
"Hello" said Kriszti in a low voice
- Hello - said her mother aloud
- Hi - hi - Hi - hi - the girls said hello –
From the first bed on the right a tall girl with short blond hair stepped up and embraced her
- Hi - hi It's Kitty - he said
- Hi - hi I'm Chris - said Kriszti in awe
- Meet the others This is Zita (pointing to a girl with glasses and brown hair on the bed on the right side of the window) we're seniors; this is Ildi (blonde girl on the left side of the window) she is 11- es; and Zsofi (tall brown girl on the left middle bed) she is 10- es
- Hi I'm Christi
- Hi
- Girls you know Chris didn't really want to come here I'd like to ask you to look after her and help her fit in - said Kristi's mother
- Oh Mom come on
- Of course "Kitty said" Don't worry we'll be fine
- Honey I'm gonna go Pack your stuff in the closet and have fun Call Me Tomorrow
- Hi Mom
- Hey babe
- Bye - bye - the girls said hello –
Kriszti started unloading her clothes out of her bags and putting them in her hallway closet When he was done he warmed up his dinner from home in the kitchen and ate it She took a shower after dinner In the room she took off her shirt and pants wrapped herself in a towel and pulled off her panties and bra
"You don't have to undress like that" said Zita " sooner or later we'll see you naked and you'll see us naked so there's no need to be coy in front of us
"Okay" said Chris blushing
He took his shower gel and his sponge and went to the showers He hung the towel from the hanger in front of the first compartment entered the compartment and drew the curtains He opened the hot water and took a shower He really enjoyed the hot water running down his body He put a shower gel on the sponge turned it on and started to wash himself off He rubbed it from top to bottom and then washed himself down He pulled the towel in cleaned himself up wrapped himself in the towel again stepped out of the shower and went into the room Kitti and Zita were inside
- Listen Chris "Zita said" You know us girls here at the dorm we always do a little initiation for freshmen on their first night and this year you're the only girl freshman in college I hope you're in Don't get the wrong idea it's just a little fun
- Yeah sure "I'm sure it'll be fun"
- That's what I'm talking about We're gonna go outside so you can get dressed and then you're gonna have to come out so we can get ready - Okay? - okay
- Yeah
Zita and Kitty went out and Kristi put on a clean pair of panties and dark blue short-sleeved pyjamas and left the room
Kitty waited at the door:
- Please go to the showers
"Good" said Chris astonished
- You don't have to worry Calm down
Krista went to the showers For 15 minutes he was walking around in a state of nervousness when he heard Kitty scream:
- Chris come on
Chris walked into the room The sight left his mouth wide open Kitty was standing in front of him covered with a black latex dress which was great for his large round breasts and held a short riding rod with a straight blonde hair to the shoulder As Kriszti entered Kitty reached behind her and locked the door


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