Fuck the Towbar, Brake and Gear (caught by the cop, time stamp 04:53)

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The first time I saw her I felt like I had a sudden electrical shock to my heart that was about to explode right out of my chest It was just a moment to look at him but it was enough to change my life forever
I've been to that gym for a long time Maybe subconsciously I wanted to see the muscular bodies but I told everyone and maybe I wanted to explain to myself that I only go there every day because of regular training That was true after all But of course I never denied myself the possibility of forgetting my gaze on a broad shoulder a muscular abdominal wall a shapely butt or a hardening member in a cold shower
I've known for a long time that I was attracted to men In fact   Maybe even a well-built man's body is more excited than the sight of a half-naked woman Few people knew of my affections in this way and they all said that I didn't seem to be "different" at all In the knowledge of this I even enjoyed the fact that on the street or on the bus with a little attention I could run my eyes through a shapely body without risk of getting caught with whatever the owner had between his legs
I've only ever been with a man who taught me how to please an identical sex That sounds a little weird A little pretentious but that's what he said I never would have called it studying but the fact is thanks to him I wasn't the least bit afraid to approach another man because I don't know what to do when it comes to that I was worried about something else
Ever since my first let's just say man love it's over I've felt alone For as long as I can remember I was aware that in today's world millions of people like me live their lives but I didn't dare move When I saw an attractive man I'd rather have known more closely my stomach was filled with the fear that when he found out he would look at me disgusted and never speak to me again I didn't even tryI just settled for being able to stare at them in secret
But he was different Even though I'd never seen or heard of him before I felt that he was more than anyone I'd let go of over the years My mind told me to restrain myself for I would not bear to be rejected by her and her face would be filled with an abomination unlike anything else but my heart seemed to be beating with Morse code to my ribs over and over again to do it
I couldn't make up my mind so I turned my head so I wouldn't see him but soon I found myself staring at him out of the corner of my eye trying to disguise myself and clumsily trying to peel my clothes off and stuff them into the wardrobe
The locker room was full but all I saw was her I was just mesmerized by the sight of it He was tall and muscular His black hair was cut short and his steel-grey eyes seemed to see everything When he looked at me for a moment I felt like he knew everything about me He knows who I am and how I want him But maybe he didn't even notice mehe just glanced at me The look that could make me forget everything in a heartbeat Though he had only just entered the dressing room a few seconds ago it was as if I had known him for many years and admired him even from a distance
The muscles of his upper body were tangled but still regular and long firm legs which were like a bull's seemed strangely enough to me as if I'd seen them a million times Soon he was standing next to me in his underwear and I saw his large tool protruding through the thin fabric There was an ecstatic smile on his face I wonder what he's thinking Or who? An Adonis like that must have a girlfriend I couldn't imagine a man so handsome and muscular not having a woman peel off his sweaty clothes after a grueling day of work rub his fingers across his swollen muscles grab his groin and put his huge agitation phallus in his mouth
I was shaking for a second As I closed my eyes I could see her naked lying on the bed caressed by a woman's tiny hands But the tiny hands were soon gone and I saw myself running my fingers through the tight chest the rock-hard abdominal wall and then stroking his thighs and grabbing his gigantic penis
I trembled again and felt that my pants were getting tighter and tighter I shook my head and quickly tried to change my mind I put on my shorts and gym shorts stuffed my clothes in the closet turned the key in the lock so I could get out of the locker as soon as possible


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