Freaks of Nature 22 Midget 2

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Two thousand six it was the beginning of April It's a beautiful spring day in the world The sun was shining on a hundred branches and there was a gentle breeze High school students were thrilled with the summer break coming up Spring brought them the freedom and love of summer
Some went to work others studied for the exams ahead of them
On this beautiful day Zoltán békés went to school which meant prison for him from which there was no way out At least that's what he thought The only thing that made him bearable was the suffering he had been in for three weeks
He was nothing but an 18-year-old young man who believed in love miracles and all that was ridiculous to others
(So as you have already noticed this is the story of him Those who do not believe in eternal love and that the world is different from what we see will stop reading now because it is not an action or horror story
It's just a love story about a boy and a girl)
Zoli couldn't see the way out of a torturous love disappointment he had suffered the last time He loved a girl with all his heart and she hurt him bad He knew he didn't deserve to have a real long happy relationship because he did a lot of bad things in his life and he still hoped
- Hope dies last - He thought so
As the days went by and summer came by she became more and more desperate He didn't expect anything from life or break so he thought it was pointless to learn
This condition lasted until the third of April It was the day Zoli had the best thing in his life Not far from Szeged he met a girl Anna in a quiet little town called HódmezÅ‘vásárhely who later became the meaning of his life
They knew each other before but they didn't think fate would bring them together
It was early in the afternoon the weather was still cold but the sun was still on fire Zoli didn't expect much from the date because he knew if he put his mind to it he'd be disappointed
He arrived by train at the pre-arranged place After a little wait he saw two female figures coming from a distance They just kept clearing up as Zoli's heart was pounding
A few minutes later she found herself kissing Anna's face
- Hello? Hi I'm Anna and this is my girlfriend Ági
- Hey guys I think you're late "he said" it was the best he could think of"
- Yeah we're five minutes late 'she replied laughing and holding Zoli in her hand saying goodbye to Ági and walking down the street near the station
- Which way do we go?- She asked
- I don't knowI don't care the point is I'm with you "You mustn't get cocky you mustn't get cocky"
Anna smiled her face blushed and said:
- We can go for a walk or we can go to my house
- Let's go for a walk and then to your place - the boy answered
As they walked down the street covered by trees they both began to dissolve and chew through every subject they could think of About an hour later they were in Anna's room
With a touch of emotion and courage Zoli began to speak
 How would you like me to fulfill my promise?
- What promise?- asked Anna
- The massage Or not don't you remember?
- Oh yes yes Of course I remember And himright hereAnd now what?
- Yeah- the boy answered with confidence
Anna felt that the answer was that she could take off all her inhibitions what she had and throw off her top
The soft almost transparent top came off like it was going to fly Beneath it Zoli saw the black and grey lace bra strained on Anna's round breasts He felt he couldn't control himself and he took her down right away
After just a few seconds he took over and spoke
- Then lie down on the bed
Anna did but first she put a bottle of lotion in Zoli's hands
The boy wet with cream was hot and glided on Anna's velvety back like The Sun on the water
A little insecure but he asked:
- Can I undo your bra? I can get to you better that way
- Of course I do'she replied with confidence
That boy's hand as if moved by some inexplicable force separated the two parts of his silky bra clasp from each other
They both really wanted each other The cream was boiling between Zoli's hands and Anna's back
He gave a gentle and gentle massage to the back of the girl who trembled at the feeling Zoli's mouth was so close to Anna's body that she felt her hot breath And when the lips touched his back the door downstairs opened Anna's parents are here
They both got up and went down feeling dizzy She introduced the boy to her parents


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