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The next morning we slept late again We woke up to find out there was a lot of loud packaging going on We got up and went out after a quick wash Also after a quick breakfast we still managed to gather ourselves in a very short conversation Clearly visible or even announced and no bathing suits were packed
We drove to the scene in a few minutes There was no one on the beach so we could get settled in Nice and calm We talked about the sea about nothing We avoided yesterday's topic We played ball we played in the water and we enjoyed our freedom like puppies Nudity was no longer a problem for me We went swimming later They swam with us for a while but Dora got tired You and I have always loved swimming so we kept moving forward This further meant that we swam around the Bay at a slow comfortable pace It must have taken an hour since the sea is quite long on the way out Meanwhile we talked about the question in question but Bogi was still silent So I said it was up to him what would happen but let me know when you decide Now I'm screwed later
By the time we got out of the water the Mediterranean sun was shining high and the dog was warm IMI and I decided to burn in this radiation in minutes so we headed home
Back home we started cooking which means we cooked the frozen kebab on the stove and we ate a lot of lettuce a lot of red wine The duma remains in the neutral Province children kindergarten etc and so on Finally we decided to take a siesta in accordance with local custom as we came to relax or whatever
All that Swimming did the trick and we fell asleep and we woke up again and they were out doing things After a little crawl I got up and started walking out but Bogi stopped me at the door She pressed up against me and she began to kiss like a crazy sensual girl Well it's not how I planned it but it'll be heard again As they say I got a little horny Bogi didn't mess around she took me in her hand and started caressing me His tongue played with my nipple which is a very sensitive point for me Wow that's fast He's not usually like thishe prefers long foreplay Anyway go ahead I said to myself and he crouched in front of me and started sucking That was almost unnecessary because I was already hard as a rock
And then the surprise came
- TA-DA - he opened the door with an exclamation and pushed me out
It was quiet and first Dora woke up again She's a piece of work
- UM is that still Bogi or is that in my honor?
- Well if I understand this correctly it was Bogi who put it in your honor - I was trying to be clever and Bogi was pushing me
- That's accurate
By this time everyone had a paper Tan I walked up to Dori and I held her in my arms while I looked back a little bit to see if I understood it correctly
Well Bogi turned to Imi and pressed against him Imi pulled him in and they started kissing Dóri's hands known to be fondling were on my tail All the hormones did their job
I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself I met my new lover I moved back a little to look at her beautiful breasts The size and position of the mounds impressed me Just my favorite size Well Bogie may be smaller but he's tougher I leaned down and I started sucking on one while I was crushing the other hand The answer was a grateful moan We hung out like this for a while and then I got up and stuck to his mouth His tongue went right into my mouth We almost sucked the soul out of each other Our caresses went from my dick to her tits everywhere We've all been reduced to the fact that there's not a shred of good morality between us We were slowly getting to know each other's bodies and then I kind of pulled away and I pushed his head down He descended obediently but I stopped him and pressed his mouth on my own nipples He looked up with astonishment but began to suck obediently Well that's what I said
- That good?
- Yeah - yeah He's as sensitive as yours
I lowered my hand between his thighs and felt the gap I was just touching the beach making sure I didn't touch the most sensitive spot yet I held her with my arms around me and I carried my nails through her back He shook And all I could do was sigh about the stimulus on my chest I thought I was gonna lose it Looking for support I looked around I saw a couple of blocks just like it just a few feet away but I didn't care In the dining room there was only a massive rustic oak table I clasped my partner's buttocks and lifted it up I took him to the table and I put him on it and then we picked up where we left off stroking but I stopped I moved a little bit away and I knelt between his legs I was content to look at the wet shiny new pussy Kisajka gently rippled between the fleshy curves I licked it I was just playing with it from the outside()


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