Foursome Sex in Public TRAIN

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Finally Friday Although I was working late last night and I was very tired your absence made it hard for me to sleep At night when we spoke you were pretending with your voice that you were reaching into your pants You moaned sweetly on the phone and I could almost feel that I was there and it wasn't your hand that gently caressed your hot wet Cup I could almost feel my hand dragging through your body reaching to the edge of your panties and slowly penetrating under the thin fabric I could feel the heat that your body was flooding Just as I slip my hand between your labia I feel the moisture that always excites me I can feel the sweet juice of your love on my fingers
Meanwhile you sigh your body twitch You will lose the world and think only of the pleasure of the hand But now your own hand slips under your panties and takes its place gently caressing your fleshy lips which have been waiting for so long to be pampered I'm listening to you on the other end of the phone listening to you do a bunch of lustful sighs little moans and I know a few moments just to make it all go away and give yourself to the joy My tight trousers have crossed the limits of what is so precious to you The pants are bulging and tense as I'm walking down the street on the phone The night is quiet but one or two passers-by who come to see me clearly notice my condition who smiling and terrified moves on They have no idea you're on the other end of the phone moaning and enjoying yourself Shortly after that our phone conversation ended I went to sleep but my sexual desire was not diminished
Finally Friday like I said The morning came everything packed in the car I knew in nine hours I'd be home after hours and I'd finally be able to hold you in my arms Luckily the day was good just enough work to suddenly realize it's 5: 00 in the afternoon and I've been out of work for half an hour Of course I thought about you a lot during the day and I tried to calm down the spirits of last night but that was not very successful because the sight and touch of your naked body followed my day
I go home the sun is hot the cars are in long rows on the narrow little highway which is the first stage of my journey home I'm making my way through traffic window down while enjoying the warm spring air that's passing through the car I'm coming closer to you and I feel like I'm about to hug you I know we have another difficult night ahead of us because you've been studying hard all week for your upcoming exams and you've asked me to question the shortcomings of your knowledge Even though I know you're smart and smart I'm not afraid of the results of tonight's questioning I finally see the hometown sign on the side of the road and I know I'll be home in a few minutes
I finally get home to the apartment and see you in the kitchen studying diligently in a light summer dress for the summer You know I love these light little clothes When you see me you get up from the table and you smile and you come into my arms and then you kiss each other on the lips and then you start to make out It re-stimulates both our hormones and we feel each other's bodies vibrate showing each other's desire for each other I'm shutting you down Now is not the time After a quick unpacking I'll sit curious and ask you about the events of the week But after a light dinner the Q & A comes
I'm going to ask you my first questions which you answer correctly Of course I'll motivate you so I'll give you a kiss on the cheek Here come the hard questions It's getting harder and harder for you to answer even about the tenth question I'm disappointed sitting next to you looking at you questionably You're telling me that practically every day there's something that's keeping you from studying Just before I arrived today you came home and sat down to study because you accidentally managed to wander off all day with your girlfriends I'm disappointed in you I don't think I can let that go unpunished I'm going to put you on my knee and I'm going to gently hit you in the ass and you're going to be surprised to hear that As you" hit " your ass you'll be wearing your little summer dress I see your fine ass and I can't bear not to bite it on the side just in case it hurts I can smell the fresh scent of your pussy and I can't stand the fact that after that bite I'm going to try and lick your beautiful little hole between your buttocks You'll be shaken by the lust running through your body again You're pushing your ass right in my face offering me more to lick You sit on my lap we get back into a heated kiss I drop the dress on her floor and now you're all naked on my lap
I'm going to slowly stroke your desirable neck followed by the soft kisses of my mouth Gently biting your clavicle I'm getting lower and lower on your body I'm gonna reach out to that cute little tit on which your little nipples are smiling and waiting for my soft kiss()


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