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After what happened the other day it became a regular thing for the three of us to have sex on weekends at Heni's I was busy a lot and he was the only one The Heni has completely changed and to its advantage removed all inhibitions and completely surrendered to sex Sometimes when he opened the door he was either dressed in a very casual manner or completely naked
And then on a Friday night his best friend Timi who used to date this guy was gonna be in pest for training and going out with Heni The Heni said yes but he forgot to tell us not to go The guy and I were very surprised when the Timi was there when we arrived but that's the way it is let's go party even though we were set for something else
The party went really well the girls drank a little too much but we returned home to Heni in a good mood because Timi didn't want to go back to his hotel either At Heni's we were still talking drinking wine because no one wanted to go to bed yet Of course the theme quickly went back to the old days when Timi and the guy and I were dating Heni and we used to make a lot of jokes about swapping parties and what if Of course we never did but it was a theme You know Timi was kind of tipsy right now joking that now wouldn't be a good time The Heni are also pretty tipsy and when they're pumped up the alcohol always throws up his libido so he goes:
 Well it's about time you tried the gauze because I tried the guy and it's not bad although the truth is the two of you are the real thing
- Don't be silly You're kidding "Said Timi but his eyes began to shine and not just from alcohol"
 I think it's best if you introduce him to Heni - I interrupted
The HENI did not have to be asked he did not go up to the man he pulled him up from the chair and they got into a long kiss as they caressed each other in more intimate places
- How about this? - Timi came to me
- I'm speechless What are you guys doing? I'm the one who needs to help - I said grinning and then I got off the couch where I used to sit at the Timi I walked up behind the Heni who was still busy kissing and I started stroking her tits from behind and the guy was stroking her pussy even though she was wearing jeans The Heni turned to me and made out with me while I got him out of his shirt and this time he was alive and he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankle As he stepped out of his pants and stood in his underwear and bra he glanced at Timi with his eyes wide open
- Did you think I was kidding? But we're just getting to the big part - He laughed at his shocked girlfriend It's like we're trying to prove that the guy and I dropped our shirts at the same time and then we started dealing with Heni again I was kneeling in front of her and I was kissing her and I pulled her panties off and the guy took her bra off from behind and he was massaging her breasts The Heni too leaned back and unbuttoned the man's trousers and slid them off his hips and then pulled me up off the floor and took my pants off There were three of us in Timi's dazzling eyes two boys in their underwear almost pierced by our prancing Dick and the Heni naked as a mother
- Come on get in - I told him
- No no no no no - He apologised but when I reached out to him he involuntarily took my hand and let me pull it up I turned him towards me and kissed him for a long time while the guy and the Heni had already stripped him It didn't take a minute and Timi was as naked as Heni I finally got a good look at Timi At the height of the stuffed dove it seemed almost as if it were a boy though it had grown where it should be but only in a manner of speaking to which came the reddish brown hair the green eyes and the bald-shaven pussy as opposed to the Bush of the hen I must say they made a pretty good pair I got down on my knees and started licking the beautiful pink naked pussy
- What are you doing? "Said Timi frightened Of course the guy never indulged her like that
- Don't worry about itthe Geza's doing really well - the Heni calmed him
He began to caress the breasts of the Timi while the Heni kneeling beside me removed him from his underwear and began to suck his steely wooden cock first slowly and then faster as he gently crushed his balls The Timi was barely conscious when I knocked him down on the couch and kneeled between his legs I threw a flood of tongue strikes on his clitoris When I went a little deeper with my tongue he sighed and then this sigh became continuous when my fingers got into the game Meanwhile the Heni was still kneeling in front of the man sucking his cock with enthusiasm and then stood up and led him to the Timi to continue what he had begun()


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