FemaleFakeTaxi Welsh lad gets a sweet surprise

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She took Jim by the hand and led him to the little warehouse in the shop Then for a moment he ran out turned the key in the lock and went back to the man He folded the storage door behind him and then in the dim light he approached the man with his lips on the man's mouth kissing him slowly but violently and sensuously The man was still a little distracted from this unexpected adventure but since it's come to that you have to take advantage of it With one hand he took her small but shapely and firm breasts and with the other he went on a voyage of Discovery under the short skirt The girl soon stopped kissing pushed Jim away unzipped the man's pants took off his underwear and then he crouched down and slowly kissed Jim's tail He caressed Jim's testicles with a cup on her hand and slowly sucked the man's waking pucu with his wet lips Jim in the dim light watched the girl's actions intensively sucking the man's Dick It didn't take much time Jim's dick moved in and out of her greedy lips in the flesh The man felt he could come so quickly but he was not selfish enough to do so But she wouldn't let him and soon she stopped sucking and stood up She reached up her skirt took off her little panties put the skirt up her waist and then leaning back to the man she leaned over a chest and bent over Jim understood at once he approached her and pressed his stiff cock against her cunt For a moment he was surprised that she was so turned on by the blow job because even from the slight pressure his dick slipped into her wet pussy In this unexpected but more pleasant turn Jim began to fuck the girl who with his moans thanked her for her hard work Seeing the girl's pleasure Jim tried to enhance her pleasure and he stuck one finger in her asshole and then with the rhythm of his dick going in and out of the pussy he pushed his finger deeper and deeper She was already writhing in delight leaning on the chest with one hand helping the man with the other and stroking her own pussy sometimes the balls that ring the bells And then when Jim put three fingers and a big dick up her ass and cunt at once she came screaming Her body was cut off her lips spurned and her screams unarticulated To the man's surprisethe girl's orgasm lasted for minutes and she had the feeling that maybe it wasn't over when she almost forced him out She called Jim:
'Alasthat was not enough' said the girl panting with a flushed face "Lie on your back quick" he asked Jim was obediently lying on his back on the rows of beer bins and the girl with her back to him sat up with her wet cunt pressed against his face He was actively licking her lips and tongue while she was fingering her ass The girl trembling with pleasure began to suck Jim's hard-looking cock almost drowned in a big fat bite The man continued to work diligently and vigorously but was surprised to see how long the girl's orgasm lasted()


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