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It all happened recently but the history is important so I'll start from there
When I was a kid I had a really good friend who lived across the street from me We were together all day we were inseparable during summer holidays We grew up in a beautiful place we had fairy tale experiences
We were 13 14 when we first started talking about sex We went over everything from A to Z several times a day It was exciting back then My friend Tomi borrowed a sex tape from one of his schoolmates which of course we watched and since we were actually masturbating we jerked off several times during the movie but only by going to the bathroom Just when I felt strange things I talked Tom into beating him up with me He broke in a few days and we started beating him together It was a lovely time I was admiring ourselves Like two 14-year-old boys (we looked pretty good we both played sports and we were in nature all day so we were pretty brown and our bodies were covered in just the hair we needed) masturbating naked We were already talking about oral stuff and my friend Tomi told me that he had already tasted his own jizz I was disgusted at the time so nothing happened at that time
In high school we both went to different schools and we grew apart Sometimes we'd still talk but the time we spent together was pretty much behind us I found out I was bi and I used to hook up with guys
It's been like seven or eight years and now at the age of 21 I'm using MSN to pick up Tommy It's been a while since we graduated from college in a totally different city We've talked about everything that's happened to us in the past and we've talked about meeting Since I'm alone in my apartment we agreed to meet at my place Needless to say as I looked back on that 14-year-old I was masturbating with I got a boner I've decided to take a shot at him for old time's sake
The weekend was approaching when Tomi came I was very nervous many times I wondered what it would be like to meet you as well as that and as I will do everything
When I saw Tomi at the train station my heart began to beat faster He was just as handsome as he used to be beautiful muscular and tanned Needless to say I got a boner right away and it's a good thing my fanny pack didn't let me see it
We greeted each other as long-lost acquaintances and then we talked about old things We spent most of the day telling stories and we hit the night We had a drink at my place and then we started going to bars In the end we were quite well prepared and then since we were both tired we agreed to go to bed
She was the first one to take a shower at the Alba I - I was ready at that point-figured I'd look through the keyhole As I looked in I saw him standing with his back to the keyhole naked and brushing his teeth She had a beautiful bare shapely ass A few moments later he turned around and that's when I saw what I was waiting for A nice medium-length shaved cock Needless to say I got a boner right away I don't know if the situation or the booze which I suspect is the latter caused me to lose my balance and I slammed my head against the door Of course Tom walked right up to the door and walked in on me Now that was the moment that was very unpleasant All of a sudden I couldn't say a word
- What are you doing?'Tom asked
- Welluh-huh"you know for old times' sake I thought I'd see what was going on " I said and then I let go of a confused smile and I couldn't think of anything better
To my surprise he smiled and then spoke:
- You know I've been wondering all day if we're gonna do the same old thing again:)?
"I'm in" I replied
 All right I'm gonna take a shower so find me a good movie
I didn't have to say it twice of course I made one As soon as he came out of the shower I took a quick shower and we sat in front of the TV in our pants We were both embarrassed maybe more than when we were teenagers
I hit the movie A girl got fucked by a guy really hard We watched it for a few minutes and I saw Tom's pants begin to bulge Mine was in good shape
- Shall we get started? - I asked him
"Yes" he replied
We had our pants down Well from what I saw I was surprised there was a nice 18-year-old cock staring up at me Mine got bigger too but it only got a 17 We started beating him slowly sneaking around I saw Tommy staring at my dick of course I made him see everything
- Remember how we used to talk about how when we were big we'd fuck a girl together-we had an old deal
- Yeah I'd love to do that I got a girl I know who'd be into it should I ask?- I asked the question
'Yes of course' said Tom
I couldn't get a hold of her but I didn't push her too hard
- I can't reach it What do we do now? - I asked him
"I don't know" he said
- So we do it without him?- I asked the question but I smiled and said I'd hit him with a joke if the answer was negative
- What were you thinking? Sex without a girl? - the question came
 I smiled
- I'm not gay - he said
- Neither do I but I'd love to try it Out of curiosity And I know I can trust you
- I don't know it's kind of a bummer
- I don't know You've kissed a girl before It didn't kill you And we won't tell anyone - I tried
- Well I don't know You go first and we'll see okay?
- All right - okay - I answered
And then I took it and I leaned over slowly and I grabbed his dick and I sucked on a few of them spectacularly clumsy like I was doing it for the first time and then I took my head off
- How's that?
- Interesting You want to try it?
- Yeah I think so
He grabbed my dick started beating him He leaned close to her and looked at her closely He just kissed her with a faint kiss and then slowly put her in his mouth You did very well I was so turned on by the fact that my childhood friend who I've always dreamed of is sucking my dick Tom didn't stop for a good five minutes then we went to bed without saying anything and we turned to each other in ' 69 and we continued to suck each other's dicks It was delicious After a good quarter of an hour I began to kiss Tomi's muscular belly and then moving up I kissed her naked chest gently sucking her nipples and then I stopped we looked into each other's eyes there was no question of the sequel and I kissed him on the lips I could feel him opening his mouth and slowly we started playing with their tongues It was great
- Shall we continue? - I asked softly
- Yeah But I'd like to try something else Fuck me- you asked which I was very surprised at
I turned Tom gently and I went down on his back I gently licked the hole and then I started pressing my tongue into the hole it was very tight Tom said with a low moan that he liked it very much After a while I fingered him After a few minutes of licking I put my dick in his hole and I put it in Nice and easy It was really hard and he said it was slow because it hurt When I was inside it was really good and we started fucking on a regular basis We were making out It was a really nice time We did it for 10 minutes when Tommy asked me to come in his mouth I was very happy to do that I leaned over him and I put a lot of sperm in his mouth To my surprise he swallowed everything then I leaned on him and he went in my mouth It was delicious
We lay next to each other and had a good rest We talked about it and it turns out he wanted to do it for a really long time but he just didn't know how to do it We had a good laugh about it and we agreed there would be more


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