FakeTaxi – Young girl pounded in taxi

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1 Part B
I leaned on the bar and drank my Coke deep I've never despised beer or a lot of other forms of alcohol but if you go to a bar regularly enough and you drink at least a glass of beer you might end up being called an alcoholic And for the past few weeks I've been going to the tombstone more and more I don't know what drew me here almost every day Maybe it was bartending his company which meant something different from home until my friends had finished their exams the atmosphere of the place or just to get out of the House
And this bar satisfied every need At least the ones that came to me Bartender was cool We had a nice talk but he let me have a quiet drink when he saw it that's what I need I could get out of the house even if I didn't feel like doing anything because if I wanted to I did almost the same thing at home But it's a change isn't it? And nobody bothered me much The room was still filled with emptiness It was an ideal place to hang out so I'd rather give up alcohol than not come at all
- Is there a problem? - I raised my head and put my eyes from the Coke on that smiling face Although I still couldn't tell you how much this girl does her job when she's talking to me and how she's genuinely looking for my company just because she enjoys our conversations and is genuinely interested in my well-being But I was leaning more and more towards the latter
"I did not shake my head and then my eyes returned to Coke" - I'm sorry I was just distracted
- You don't want to talk about it? "There was still a smile on his face the sound of his voice with ease and with joy but I could feel the delicate interest and compassion" It's like he's saying " If you want to share your problems with someone I'm here if you trust me” But of course he did not say that because of his work he could say it It would have been too intrusive A bartender's job even if it's not in his job description is to listen to them and talk to them when their guests turn to him with confidence But how would that look if he wanted to talk? If the guest so wishes he will listen But if you don't trust him that's the way it is
Did I trust him? I don't know Could be But we haven't known each other that well we haven't been friends that long if I may use the word "friends" after such a short acquaintance so that I can start talking to him freely about anything just directly Instead I turned my head and turned my eyes from the corner of my eye to the room
"There's not much traffic lately" I remarked
"Yes" said the bartender Although what's going on in itself can't be representative since I've been coming here I've always found the same thing In the slightly worn chairs and chairs there were only a few people some two or three It's not like they were just represented by drunks drinking their brains though there were a few of them There were three young guys sitting in one corner right now And sometimes people would stop by for a glass of beer or a cup of coffee But compared to what they could have been that's not enough - Business is slow
– Yeah I took a sip of my Coke - I don't get a lot of work these days
- Mm-hmm But I'm afraid not anywhere else People don't come to drink because there's no money Or it's not being spent on it
I nodded softly
"I see the same thing on my sister" I asked myself " where I was going to end up" - He's not very good at business either
- Aren't the orders coming?
"Well it's not much" I said - But even if there were only so many problems…
I raised my glass to my mouth and as I sipped the soda the morning scene flashed before my eyes again
I don't know if I sleep late or if my sister's an early riser but usually when I wake up I find her in the kitchen having breakfast making tea or otherwise engaged It wasn't different this time When I came in a little comatose he was on the phone I rarely heard him scream and maybe even less swearing He just wasn't the type On the one hand she was always a nice smiling girl who wanted to be friends with everyone and on the other hand she had this vibe that no one really wanted to get her mind up A little dramatic they thought he was too good for that Now he's screaming on the phone and cursing like a coachman It didn't come as a surprise though It's not the first time in days
 Buenos dias senorita - I said hi to him after he hung up and I started the coffeemaker - Another annoying client?


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