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"It's a tricky thing to have sex" said the worm and it slipped out of the box When I was a grown-up that old joke looked pretty good to me After the indeterminate effect of the first experiences I began to devour women in some way Perhaps this in retrospect might appear to be an act of omission since the replacement of Katim seemed hopeless at the time I went to college and at night after a party the girls were all over me like a bunch of old grits But it all seemed empty I think my dear reader that you have experienced in your sleep a torturous sadness which you have tried to soothe but the drink like dry sand flashed down your throat not to relieve your thirst That's about what I've felt in every relationship I've ever had and it's slowly happening did
I realized that my female students should be treated with care because even the whitest of them had to marry into college Of course generalization can offend many people but at that time there were no contradictions "confirming" this rule Our daughters experienced a failure if the factory built-in seduction was not enough for at least one wedding ring (with the extras they were mostly very Czech) In the end because of the favourable sex rate everyone was able to achieve the goal because five or six boys had been given to one girl My buddies and I realized that it takes five minutes to turn on that day's experience cough because the girls were like the flu: easy to get and when you're in bed with her you can get rid of her They did not mean much more than a bottle of beer (sorry in hindsight) which is not even the "well-known German brand" My hormonal life began to turn into a script for soap operas called" boring as hell" That's when the next summer break came
My parents ' incessant squabbling changed direction and unwanted early marriage became the main theme The fear of chastity had already been abandoned but that thought was floating in the air with a near-death consciousness They really got on my nerves That summer was supposed to be quiet at first because with my girlfriend running until then The Dodo was already messing with the sand on the Italian coast I didn't envy her she was like the money on the card easy come easy go The calendar turned to July when my mother's goddaughter a very distant relative came to visit us for part of the summer I haven't seen him since he was in junior high I remembered her restless spirit her chatty chatter He was a phenomenon who was always flashing himself at the center of attention who was either very fond of him or very hated by him but in no way neutral towards him He must have been a third-grade high school student at the time but he couldn't really get excited about the idea of his arrival I was even a little angry because I knew that the burden of mandatory entertainment would most likely rub my neck
The day of arrival has come and this little girl by her natural nature has come into my life to fill as much space as possible I have to admit the first time I met him he woke up the silence of the bellows in my soul He got out of his father's car and I froze up like a virus computer He approached on the ramp and the first thing I saw of him was his two great legs in shape His black thong the size of a halter-brake flashed out from under his tight mid-thigh skirt and as he stopped he immediately let him see his perky breasts resting under his body-pressed shirt without any restraint The wind picked up her blonde hair and as she approached the court ladies were almost all that was missing On the 10-point Beauty scale he beat the nine-piece loosely which is a very good result considering that the breeders say that the idealized figure of the babolna horse statue is only nine-eight Her shapely curves reminded me of everything but the kinship Through the wall of endless welcome slips he came straight to me I'm sure she felt the effect on me because she smiled flirtatiously and kissed me The kiss lasted a shade longer and a hair closer to the corner of my mouth mina as I expected made my knees tremble a little Oh look at that - I thought so - You're the cool college boy here and then this chick can pull the tendon out of your leg in no time with one touch I cleared all my throats and said something banal in a raspy voice He answered with a confident smile and he knew where the wind was Oh it's gonna be a hot summer I thought and I helped carry the bags in
After he moved into every room that was robbed of compromising relics we immediately looked for a program From then on we'd just go home to sleep and eat spend almost every minute together Gina (my soul's name is Georgina) has been a real pain in the ass to my friends ' fantasies()


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