FakeTaxi Stable owner gets taken for a ride

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- Angie We start in five minutes - It's time to go to the stage Tonight will be one of the most special of the year It's the boss's birthday The show will be a surprise even for him different from the usual I usually teach the girls the choreography the new ones come to me but I really wanted to make this occasion interesting so guest teachers helped me with my work Ballroom dancing teachers because tonight we're gonna sneak a little fire a little Cuban vibe
The Dj Guy started the music I had to wait short pause at the beginning to make them want me even more The whole stage is dark and when I step out there's a pale blue light and there's thousands of glitter all over my dress making my entrance even more magical My long black hair straight up to my Tushy my fake eyelashes glistening with rhinestones my fake nails black I'm surrounded by white smoke the music is mystical the drums are getting stronger I can feel my back getting goosebumps with excitement That's when I start moving slowly very slowly with my hips I make circles and eights turn around and bend over so everyone can see through my transparent cloth my spherical lines The most exciting and erotic is if you don't show me everything you know When my girls are dancing up there it turns me on every time I see them like this
When I turn around the first pole from the top comes down in front of me and sits in the metal holder on the floor I put one foot on it lean back and turn around the pole My nerves are on fire I'm starting to play the dress carefully from my shoulder I can feel the chief's hungry eyes on me My dress keeps slipping down and down and the music gets ugly and just as the light material drops down everything goes dark and quiet They don't know but the other two bars behind me are also descending and Nicky and Amy are stepping out on the stage They're both wearing black and red underwear I'm wearing black the same shape as theirs The blonde Nicky today had her really hot wavy hair tied up in a bun and the locks were unruly released And Amy with half-length red hair like a wild little kitty That's when the music starts the lights go up and we pop Choreography is perfect real show dance salsa moves seductive glances I love doing this The guys are cheering applauding and shouting We've reached the goal we wanted we've all been revved up Then we took the rods into our hands Of course I mean the dancing rods:) We climbed up at the same time leaned back and we only had one leg to hold on to We rolled over to the sides and then we slid down upside down We saved the hardest piece for last and the entrance to the new girls They came in and covered the whole square with their colors There were red and black ruffles glitter feathers and beautiful girls wearing them We climbed to the top of the poles and held each other to make the final position and we were receiving a huge ovation and all the guys were going crazy and whistling and applauding us back and forth
Back in the locker room we were laughing and talking about who went wrong and how funny faces we saw today A couple of the guys were really pissed off and we even imitated them especially Nicky who had a real talent for it She was going to be an actress and then of course she didn't get a part in small pieces with little money That's when we met at a party and had a chat He found out where I work what salary and all you have to do is dance All right then of course it turns out to everyone later that it's not that simple The Chief Dave likes to keep us company usually once a week or at least he invites me every Friday He has the means to get me to go to him and make sure most of the girls do the same It's not just the contract you signed it's the bouncers and the legal threats Of course you could do something about it but you also pay for the services and you don't let the rest of the club take advantage of us I think he might have a inferiority complex with a lot of need for proof plus an extra dose of jealousy He's 36 and he's already bald so he always shaves his head bald He's a family man with three kids and I don't know how his wife can stand his lifestyle at all but I'm sure he's got to know something
By the way I'm kind of enjoying this situation the feeling of vulnerability of course no one ever really admits it but I don't think there's anything to hide about the fact that there are women who like to be treated a little differently
That's when they knocked at the entrance to the dressing room It was one of the bouncers Robert the boss always sent him to pick up the girls
- Angie and Nicky Tonight the boss wants you to be good girls because he's really into you


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