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Vickie took the day off
You didn't have to do that But he felt it was worth it if for no other reason than to distance himself from temptation She fucked two guys at work in two days In the library At this rate we'll have half the staff by the end of the week It's only a matter of time before he gets into trouble
So he called in said he was sick and then he carefully avoided the book that's been turning him on for the past two days He cleaned out his apartment and washed some clothes In the afternoon he went to the beach with some stuff He just wanted to get some rest At least he'll be rested and back to work the next day
There weren't too many people on the beach Smiling happy to be out of it The vacationing crowd was nowhere to be found so he could choose a place where he could enjoy the breeze and the Sunshine
In the dunes he found a place far from the water and he put the blanket down Then he took off his shirt and went to bed in a bikini And what a bikini It's a good thing the beach was almost deserted That would've made a lot of noise
She had never worn it before she was sure it would have proved too bold in the company of men Her butt her pussy and her breasts were covered with a piece of silk Barely Thin strings attached to his waist and shoulders
Her breasts were so big the bikini barely held them It was just covering the nipples and a little bit around them The edges of the breasts just popped out and the nipples went through the thin silk Her butt was bulging hard under her panties
It was easy for an hour and Vickie took a nap When he opened his eyes he was barely aware of the strange sounds around him At first he thought he was imagining it but then he heard it again so he sat up fast Moaning like someone's in pain And close behind the dune
Vickie stood up and went towards the voice He was convinced someone was hurt But after a few paces he fell down on his hands and knees on the hot sand and held his breath A few feet behind the dune two young men were moving in each other's arms The girl's foot was wrapped behind her partner's back and clearly they were screwing with short little strokes
Right here on the beach right in front of Vickie Didn't you know this was a public place? Well that's not fair she thought There was no way he could get away from sex He's seen it everywhere Maybe you should say something? Maybe you should just go in there and demand that they stop because it bothers you
She was blushing He's gonna tell them not to fuck in public? She's been screwing two different guys in the library for the last two days What were you thinking? At least these two young people didn't do it during work hours They didn't get paid to fuck
He sat on his heels and thought a little He could feel the heat from the sand on his skin Then as quietly as he could he climbed up to the dunes and looked down again He wanted to see them again He wanted to watch His stomach was tingling
Down below the young couple moaned softly immersed in each other's arms Vickie was looking right at the young man's white ass moving up and down as he was pushing her pussy His red bathing suit twisted around his ankle The girl was barely visible but sometimes her blond hair flashed out and her eyes closed tight
Vickie was starting to turn on again Her breasts were pressed against the hot sand of the Hill her nipples were burning His groin was shaking She slipped her hand into her bikini panties and began to pamper her pussy His index finger slipped on his clitoris and he caressed it
- Don't forget to pull it out - the young girl moaned and looked up to her lover - Don't come inside me Pull it out Don't forget
Vickie was fascinated by him waiting for what would happen It's like watching porn except that it was real He rubbed his clitoris with agility his skin heated by hot sand
- Here he comes baby Look he's coming - the young man moaned All of a sudden he rises from his partner lifts his butt and pulls his dick out of his pussy He held his throbbing tail in his hand and held it over her trembling belly He started hitting on her
She was admiring his dick and Vickie was watching them All three were waiting for the breakout The guy's red tail shook and fired Suddenly long white streaks of sperm flew out of his acorn and landed in bright spots on the young naked girl's belly and chest Over and over and over
- Yes my love - the young girl moaned and stared at the sperm that was pouring down her body
Vickie was staring at him and he remembered how Donald sprayed on his face yesterday What did he look like? I wish they'd taken pictures You could have looked back later What an exciting sight was that beautiful white cream that flew out of a man's Dick It's just wonderful


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