Fake Taxi Cabbie enjoys his fantasy fuck

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I've longed for it for so long and it was there
I screwed up twice so I promised myself not to rush now and I'm the only one who sees the damage So I avoided desire and locked it inside me But he was just stomping around rambling in my head banging on and on He promised me that he would not come out that he would behave himself and that he would not spoil it now and that I finally lasted a day and I let him out for when if not now
But the desire got to me and I couldn't handle it I touched it and I felt it right next to me There was no stopping from here I started at his neck I pushed her wavy hair from her shoulders to get to her soft skin First I caressed her with my fingers then I began to kiss her neck to taste her skin with my tongue Next thing I knew my fingers were moving down Every part of his body reacted He would bite me with his lips and kiss me with excitement and hug me with his arms and I could feel him ready to jump His body waited eagerly I trembled because it was what I wanted for years and it was not allowed to spoil it There were times when the moment was gone when I was in a hurry or I was jumping ahead or maybe I was trying too hard Now you just have to take it slow pass the pace – make sure I had to move smart
It was delicate and silky as I had imagined and while I held it to me with one arm (to prevent it from leaving) the fingers of my other hand were playing on its back walking up and down running out to the side and coming forward to the belly Her breasts were pressed against my chest and I wanted to pet them play with them but   I was just taking it easy I finally got to them and happily lost to their softness It was beautiful to stroke to work out to run my fingers through them Approaching the nipple I was moving rhythmically my brain was elsewhere We were dancing as we discovered each other's bodies His hand began to move and when he found me I was ready to be together
We rushed to the bed and fell on it knowing there was no stopping Even though it was late and we were both tired during the night we both felt the inevitable and had a new power What happened next I don't know exactly because our clothes were scattered and we were fighting
For a long time we were just tasting each other where I was stroking his belly chest groin and where I ran with my tongue He let me go where I wanted to go My patience was lost and I wanted to take it all at once all at once all at once To make up for all the years that have gone by
We wanted to rush into the lust at the same time but we both felt that we could give each other so much more than that We were just running back and forth always looking for a different angle because we were so many caresses so many kisses behind us Finally when we were everywhere when it was no longer possible to delay it she slid down and grabbed me with her fingers With his mouth in the footsteps of his fingers he soon took me in his mouth as he caressed my thighs with his fingers Of course I couldn't take it much longer because the end was coming and there was only one thing I could do - slowly gently I put myself into it It was wet and easily absorbed my entire thickness He held me in his arms and drew me to him I was tough and I filled it out There was no need to rush I glided slowly slowly and our synchronized movements
Suddenly I turned him on his stomach and hid in him like this I caressed her back and slowly embraced her from behind and reached her breasts I moved with more energy and we both felt the waves of pleasure And it made me feel even better to fill it out and he welcomed me almost motionless
Now I wanted to see his face his neck and his whole body so I turned him on his back lay on my back and pulled him over Her breasts fell slightly below which aroused me even more He pulled himself up a little bit and moved on me She leaned over me and I counted her breasts She had soft beautiful breasts and we went on like this My fingers are moving towards new areas I squeezed his butt and pulled him in deep He groaned and felt how hard I was She had an incredibly beautiful ass It's not small but it's exactly the kind of round optimal size that makes you go berserk And I went wild()


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