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Julia McKenzie was one of the most beautiful women in the county They admired far and wide Ebony's hair blue eyes alabaster's skin flawless teeth Her lean figure her narrow waist her ample bosom revolved in the public mouth became a concept among men her beauty was sung by lanterns She gave birth to two children of Lord McKenzie who despite his ageing age was a man However when the Scots invaded their territory for the third time they killed the Lord so she was left alone but not without comfort
Julia's room was on the upper floor of the castle and the pavement was covered with weeds and soft furs in front of the table as well as in front of the bed Juliet liked the red shades so the baldachino bed the tapestry and the curtains along with the cushions were in a red shade It's a fresh stain on the room of two clay pots from the Romans with the green Tufts the lady adored
- Oh you little peeping-Helen hurried to the Canary who with her beak knocked on the grates of the cage sprinkled some wheat and covered the cage with a silk handkerchief
- Damn the mongrels of the Highlands Don't worry ma'am the lord is with the Angels in the right place Don't beat yourself up
The bath water was made - four muscular servants took turns carrying the hot water from the Kitchen - Juliet like so many times since her husband's death held a shirt in her hand so as to preserve her memory recalling her scent She longed heavily for her husband's arms but only shook his head and then sighed as she carefully folded the shirt She placed it on her comb table and sat in front of the mirror so that her maid Helen would open her hair and undress her for her bath
The strength of the handmaiden could not be seen; she wore her blonde hair in a simple bun her dress on a brown canvas her thin tall figure His pale skin had blue eyes the slightly spotted freckles on his oval face but only strengthened his English nature
"My lady if I could only be you for half an hour I would be the happiest you are beautiful no painter could paint better" - The hairpins were on the shelf and the black shiny hair reached the bottom of the lady on which Helen drew her fingers with love
- And your hair madam is worth a mass a fine fragrant silk Peach would look great on this What do you say the seamstresses put together a peach toilet for the carnival season? The mourning period will be over by then
- I don't know I think it would be good for my soul - She started clapping - Yeah yeah it's gonna be great
For a moment Julia took Helen's hand and pressed it to her face Bony strong fingers but I touched her gently The girl always managed to make him forget his sadness he owed thanks for all that He breathed a little kiss into Helen's Palm both of them shuddering gently
Juliet Rose and Helen began to undo the black silk dress in the back moving slowly from one button to the other Juliet found it hard to admit it but every gentle touch was good for her and her breath increased Helena used to undress her in such a way that it was like a caress or a coveted potion As the black material fell to her ankle she stepped out of it and Helen put it on her coat hanger carefully By the time she returned to the mirror Juliet had turned her corset and her lower skirts appeared as white foam and her two breasts covered Helen's eyes
The girl's blue eyes became dim and the admiration sat in her pupils as she began to loosen the corset with trembling fingers The lady's nipples were hardened under the rigid canvas and her sigh was accompanied by her fluttering lashes
Helen swallowed a big one the desire had long taken her tried to control her feelings not crush the beautiful woman It smells like field Meadow fruit and so much it just kept finding new things in it The perfumed perfume was sent from the royal court as a gift from the Queen's cousin
Juliet raised her hands up and Helen pulled the corset up and placed it neatly carefully The large breasts and the Flat Belly With the smooth skin gave Helena even more excitement and the lady waited with her mouth out for Helen to touch her
The girl seemed to be reading her mind with her mouth on her mistress's neck her kisses lit hot fires that turned into wildfire He kissed her more and more and when the lady put half a cherry's nipple in his mouth he began to enjoy sucking it Helen then took one hand down to her lap stroked herself and fixed her dress
Juliet enjoyed Helen's play with her closed eyelashes her body as an instrument to her servant The lady grabbed her breasts which she raised to Helen's extended tongue and she salivated and salivated and the lady smeared it on herself as if it were fragrant oil


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