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Our school has developed a special custom around sports day Every national team (who represents the school in any contest) played sports at night and didn't have to prepare for the next day
In return they confronted the faculty selection the alumni and the other gender-specific team I mean the rest of the time they could do whatever they wanted It wasn't really sleep but it was possible
I was 16 years old when I first entered the night stage of sports day because this year I participated in several different sports as a representative of the school (Football hand-held volleyball basketball table tennis Frisbee sport shooting  In fact I was a replacement in most of the places or I was needed to get the required number of students in the team ( 5 players or 4 shooters or something) but I didn't go anywhere in person
That's why I sat on the bench most of all only to get in every once in a while That's what the basketball game against the girls was like I'm not much of a wordsmith but I'm not short I usually play quarterback And I've liked the girl who defended me for years ( though she was a year younger )but just by sight I never really talked to her After a while the game was more of a conversation between us than a game If the ball came to us sometimes ( being a quarterback it would have been nice to play a lot more but not too excited ) then we either tried to tackle the other one with very hard physical contact or we talked to the other just playfully
After the game we sat on the floor talking to each other lying down until the hand-to-hand game started I was invited to play too but I said I was too tired and I decided to stay and talk to the girl Actually we went out into the yard and sat on a bench there We didn't sweat that much but it wasn't that hot around midnight so I took my sweater out Of course he was cold so I put my sweater on him and as a boy I should be cold Of course he wouldn't let me do that and he asked me to slide next to him so we could both fit in Our shoulders didn't really want to let that happen so we put our arms around each other to be closer
I don't think what I'm about to write is very believable But there and then I found true love We talked for three hours we talked about ourselves we talked about memories we laughed a lot and we had a really good time Then he asked me if I believed in true love He didn't even wait for my answerhe kissed me Soft not violent very tender She stopped a little with her lips but she didn't move That's when I kissed him back Sensuous we didn't rush anywhere He joined the dance I could feel his heart beating I put my arms around her put her on my lap and I kept kissing her It's not the body it's the soul It wasn't about sexuality it was about love
We ended up going to school around 4: 00 Volleyball was on some showered but no one slept But he told me that he was tired and asked if we were going to sleep
I would love to go but I don't have a sleeping bag so I thought I'd play sports all night " I told him but he just invited me to go with him we'll figure it out
So I went with him I was crazy about her that nightit didn't take much just a few hours of quality time
We went into a classroom but not one that was scheduled for sleep But he wanted to sleep here She went to bed got into her sleeping bag and then she took off her shirt and pants and then her bra and then she went back into the shirt Of course he handed me the clothes from under the sleeping bag And I was just amazed especially when she put her bra in my hand And that's when the little devil started playing inside me and my pants started shrinking
He asked me to lie next to him and tell him a story I lay next to him but to cover up what's going on in my pants I lay on my stomach He probably got the message because he said he wouldn't mind and I shouldn't feel embarrassed
Of course it's not that simpleit took me a while to turn around He watched She was a very direct girl 5 '6" thin shapely buttocks and tight round breasts (B75 - I checked while she was dressing) blonde brown hair beautiful deep blue eyes
- Oh my gosh You're really turned on How much is this? Six inches?
- Thinghow do I know I don't weigh it it's down there and that's it
- When was the last time you jerked off? "he asked as his hand came out of the sleeping bag and grasped upon my standing manhood" I sighed very hard
- The day before yesterday
- For what? Or who?
- To you
- Me? Is it just a fantasy or something? Since when do you think it's me? How long have you been into me? Tell me tell me - and to confirm his word he put it on my dick


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